CDU IT forms

CDU IT forms

This page has links to the current IT forms you might need to use at CDU.

Staff should be aware that a lot of the forms have been moved into the eCentre application and many requests can be made there.

Below is more information about available forms.

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Higher Education and VET (non apprentice)

Computer accounts are handled by the university Identity Management System (IDM) (this applies to "Regular Staff"), i.e. they have an employee Number in Alesco and are on the pay roll.

If these conditions are met, Alesco will contain their personal details and a position record that provides the start and end date for the staff member.
Contractors and visitors do not appear in Alesco and so are managed differently, refer to the staff accounts page for further information.

A new staff member must "activate" their computer account.

Once this has occurred, their computer account components will be managed automatically by IDM, a staff member's computer account will either be created instantly, if they have started work at CDU, or when their start date is reached, if they have not yet started.

For more information about other staff accounts, please refer here.

Staff Identity Management Information

Please visit the above page for information regarding any account management issues and for "Access to the Central IT Services" forms should you need it.

Download the Laptop Receive Form.

A form for the drop-off and identification of CDU owned laptops being worked on by ITMS Technical Staff.

Access to Callista is now requested via eCentre.

Login to eCentre then select "Forms and Requests" and choose "Callista Access Request".

Note: Before being granted access to Callista you will need to have undertaken training. Further details on this can be found here.

Removal of IT access is now largely automated through eCentre, however staff wanting to share or forward their email can request this via the “Change a Computer Account” request form in eCentre and placing this request in the "Other Change/Comments" field.

Access to emails of leaving staff is covered in the CDU Email Acceptable Use Policy which states that the CDU provided email account is for work and can be accessed by authorised CDU staff based on appropriate approval.

All requests related to either desk phones or mobile phones are available in eCentre.

For more information regarding these, please refer to the pages below.

Desk phones


Mobile Devices

For temporary student accounts, the requestor needs to download the application for temporary account form (PDF 80kb).

Information regarding the request process is outlined on the temporary accounts page.

To request access to RM8, please complete and submit the "Request RM8 Access" form in the "Forms and Requests" section of eCentre.

Information and forms related to video-conferencing facilities can be located here.


Contact information


IT Kiosk, Red 8, Casuarina campus
Office hours: 8am - 4pm, Mon- Fri (CST)

08 8946 6600 (ext 6600)
Phone hours: 7:30am - 6pm (Mon - Thu)
7.30am - 5.30pm (Fri)


ADAPT Technologies

The ADAPT technologies make it easier to access your work across a variety of devices.

Find out more about how ITMS are making the transition to ADAPT.

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