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Mobility allows staff to link their desk phone to their mobile phone. This means that if someone calls your normal extension, and you do not answer the call, it will be forwarded to your mobile. You must have a mobile device profile created by ITMS in order to use the Cisco Mobility feature.

Please note: staff should be aware that because Mobility is sending calls to your mobile from the CDU system, external calls appear to have come from the CDU main number (89466666). This means caller ID, for calls coming in from outside CDU, will not work.

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Please follow these steps to have mobility enabled:

  1. Log into eCentre
  2. Click on the “Forms and Requests” button
  3. Select the “Phone - Change an existing phone” form
  4. Fill in the form fields selecting "Request Mobility" from the "Change Required" drop down box
  5. Click “Submit (Workflow)

Please note: make sure you provide the extension and the mobile numbers in the request so that these can be linked.

Transfer call to Mobile

  1. Desk phone rings, take call normally
  2. Press the "More" button on the desk phone
  3. Press the "Mobility" button
  4. Press "Send call to Mobile Phone"
  5. Answer call on Mobile

Transfer call back from Mobile

  1. End call on Mobile (the call is placed on hold and you have 10 seconds to take it off hold on the desk phone before it is disconnected)
  2. Press "Resume" on the desk phone
  3. Pick up hand set on desk phone and continue your call

Please note: this will only work if the call was originally routed from the desk phone in the first place.

Turning Mobility On/Off

  1. Press the "More" button on your desk phone
  2. Press the "Mobility" button
  3. The current state of Mobility will be displayed
  4. Press the "Select" button to toggle the state of Mobility between on and off

Turning Mobility off remotely

  1. Call the Mobility access number at CDU (08)89467666
  2. If you are calling from a number that is not set up on the system it will ask you to enter the number you want to change
  3. Enter your 6 digit pin number (this can be set in the General Tab when you login to
  4. Follow the voice prompts

To temporarily block calls to both desk and mobile phone

  1. Press the "More" button on your desk phone
  2. Select the "DND" to activate the Do Not Disturb - calls will now immediately go to your voicemail
  3. Repeat the above steps to turn DND off
  1. On a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, enter the address "" into the address bar
  2. Log into the Interface with your CDU username and password
  3. Select the settings "cog" and choose "Edit" from the drop down box

Select the settings "cog"

This will show you the current settings for your mobility.

current settings for your mobility


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