MOE definition

Pre MOE Tasks Information Sheet (PDF 800kb)

MOE stands for Managed Operating Environment and is now the standard for all Windows based computers within the CDU supported environment.

The MOE replaced the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) that was used previously.

Reasons for having MOE

At the basic level, a MOE means that everyone within the organisation is running a clean, robust basic operating system with centralised update management.

The addition of extra software can, in most cases, be managed by either ITMS or the client on a "Just In Time" needs basis.

Things to be aware of

Please note: you should be aware that the deployment of the MOE is a destructive process and that all the contents of your hard drive (C: drive) will be lost.

Once you have been notified that your machine will be MOE'd, you should move and/or back up important files from your C: drive (e.g. C:\User Data) to somewhere safe (other than your hard drive e.g. memory sticks, CD/DVD, portable hard drive, M: drive).

Also if you have any Internet Favourites or Bookmarks you would like to keep, these will need to be saved as well.

  • Internet Explorer: File - Import and Export – Next – Export Favourites,
  • Firefox: Bookmarks-Organize Bookmarks- Import and Backup – Backup – Export as (HTML)

Please make a note of any shared mail/calendars you use in Outlook, and any printers you use, so that these can be easily added back in on your new system.

If you have an email archive (PST file), please ensure that this file is backed up to your H: drive. For help with this, go to MOE FAQ.

Signatures in your Outlook email can be copied back in from your sent items, however font changes will need to be redone. Visit CDU Brand for more information.

If you have any difficulties, please contact the Service Desk for assistance on extension 6600 or via


Contact information


IT Kiosk, Red 1, Casuarina campus
Office hours: 8am - 4pm, Mon- Fri (CST)

08 8946 6600 (ext 6600)
Phone hours: 7:30am - 6pm (Mon - Thu)
7.30am - 5.30pm (Fri)


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