Federated Services

Eduroam, AARNet services, AAF services (research data, repositories, portals, collaborative environments)

Federation means trust between organisations to share resources. Through federation, service providers provide access to their resources or services to authorised users in a secure way without having to issue or manage user accounts.

ITMS’s affiliations with Australia’s Academic and Research Network (aarnet), and the Australian Access Federation (AAF Inc.), allow staff and students to seamlessly access a growing number of participating services and resources at member universities and research organisations using their CDU login credentials.

Resources and services already available include:

  • eduroam – high speed, roaming broadband connection;
  • Cloustor and Cloudstor+ - Large file transfer and storage services;
  • data collections and data grids;
  • scientific instruments, modelling and visualisation tools, and computing resources;
  • collaboration environments and workspaces for virtual teams;
  • scholarly resources and publications;
  • e-learning resources and learning object collections; and
  • national higher education and research administrative systems.

A comprehensive list of services currently available via federation can be found at the following link: http://www.aaf.edu.au/servicecatalogue/


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ADAPT Technologies

The ADAPT technologies make it easier to access your work across a variety of devices.

Find out more about how ITMS are making the transition to ADAPT.

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