Advanced Identity Management

Process automation, phone, voicemail, account management, self service.

Identity Management (IDM) is about many things, but at ITMS the first take is on the electronic identity of each member of CDU, and the computer account(s) owned by each identity.

Computer account creation and deletion is automatic based on information supplied to the system via an upload from a human resource application, or by manual input. This satisfies the 2 basic identity needs of providing a working computer account as soon as possible and removing it as soon as employment is finished.

"Identities" include staff, students, students from partner organisations, visitors and more. IDM provides a single directory of all of these identities with the most accurate information available for each. As well as providing a single source for this information, IDM bolsters system security by removing the need for un-managed access to core systems to query this information.

As much as possible users and supervisors should be able to manage their own, and subordinates, identities. Applications such as eCentre work in tandem with IDM to allow users/supervisors to view and edit the relevant identities. This removes lengthy processes of requesting change and waiting for action.

Because computer accounts provide access to much of CDU's intellectual property and business applications, their automation will ensure that access is limited to only authorised people. Managers/supervisors are also able to review and control the privileges of their staff through the system. This mix of constant review and automated processes protects CDU resources in the best possible way. A key example of this is when a staff member transfers to a new position, their new supervisor will be able to see and arrange removal of privileges they have that are no longer required.

Federation means trust between organisations to share resources. Federation allows us to provide access to system resources to partner organisation members using their own computer accounts instead of creating them new ones.


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