Add a Shared Mailbox (or Calendar) to Outlook

Outlook - Adding a Shared Mailbox (All Versions)

While the video below is for Outlook 2010 the process is very similar for all current versions of Outlook. For Outlook 2016 the process is very similar to the Outlook 2010 below and all the options are the same, however the interface looks slightly different.

The video below can be enlarged for greater clarity. Click the "Full Screen" option in the bottom right corner once the video has started playing.

Sending emails from a Shared Mailbox

Once the mailbox has been added you need to turn the "From" option on in the emails you send then add the address of the Mailbox which Outlook will remember.

Open a new email. Go to the Options Tab (1) select the "From" Icon (2) so it becomes shaded, then type the mailboxes email address in the "From:" box (3). This will be remembered by Outlook and the mailboxes email address will be a dropdown option for future emails.

Add a Shared Calendar to Outlook 2016

Select the Calendar view in Outlook 2016

Right Click on "My Calendars" in the left-hand column and the select "Add Calendar" (1)

Select "Open Shared Calendar" (2)

Outlook steps 1 and 2

Type in the name of the Shared Calendar (3)

Outlook steps 3 and 4

Click OK (4)

The Calendar will be added to the list of Calendars available.


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