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All CDU staff are provided with an email account using Microsoft’s Exchange email system. The creation of the email account is processed automatically through the University’s Human Resources system and eCentre, and will be available to you once your IT account has been enabled.

The CDU Managed Operating Environment (MOE) provides access to email through the Microsoft Outlook application. The ability to access email through a web browser, or from personal mobile devices, is also available.

Staff can store up to 50GB of emails in their inbox  and can send emails internally up to 100MB. The size of email going external to CDU is governed by the receivers settings and is normally around 10MB. If you are having problems stay under this quota please refer to this page "How to Manage your Mailbox Size".

Find out more about Spam and Phishing.

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Relevant policies and procedures on the use of email at CDU can be found in the Document Library on the Governance web site.

CDU Staff logging onto a CDU computer for the first time will be prompted to setup their Outlook client to connect to their emails.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. In Windows 10 look for Outlook in the Start Menu and for Windows 7 click on the Start Menu > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Outlook 2016 and you will be presented with the Outlook 2016 Startup screen. Click “next
  2. On the ‘Account Configuration’ screen make sure ‘yes’ is selected and click ‘next
  3. The ‘Add New Account’ screen should automatically populate your name and email address where you can just click ‘next
    Setting up your email 1 
  4. You may then be prompted to enter your current CDU password.
  5. The setup wizard should configure your account and show green ticks as seen in the screenshot below. Click ‘finish
  6. Outlook 2016 should then notify you that it is preparing Outlook for first use.
  7. Once Outlook has opened, you will need to wait while Outlook downloads all of your emails from the mail server (this can take a while depending on the amount of emails you have). You can see whether it is still downloading by looking at the information provided on the bottom right of the Outlook client.
    Setting up your email 2 

CDU staff email is managed using Exchange Online which has a lot of supporting features for users of Mac computers.

You can either use the "Outlook" tile within our CDU Portal or should you have Microsoft Outlook installed, please use our instructions on how to connect your devices.

View this short Instructional Video Presentation on adding a shared mailbox to Outlook 2010 and 2016 to see how it's done.

A wide range of resources exist on the Internet to support users of Outlook 2016. The Microsoft website has a number of short, computer based, training packages that can be accessed here "Microsoft Outlook 2016 online training". In addition, all CDU staff can access further training resources at LinkedIn Learning available from the tile in the portal.

Web browser access to the CDU Staff email system is provided using Microsoft Outlook 365 email. Read more about some of the new and improved features on our Outlook 365.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact the ITMS Service Desk on 8946 6600, visit the IT Kiosk at Red 8 (Library), or via


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Phone hours: 7:30am - 6pm (Mon - Thu)
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