How to use CDU Cisco VPN Client?

NOTE: All Staff should now be using Cisco AnyConnect. Please follow the instructions below titled "Cisco AnyConnect"

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The program CDU uses is called Cisco VPN and it is installed on all Staff computers. It uses your normal computer username and password to connect.

The program comes with two profiles.

  • Offsite connection to CDU - accessing the CDU network and your files, but not Corporate Applications (At present, not both profile can connect at the same time)
  • Connection to corporate application - corporate applications, when inside CDU or from outside CDU's network (Corporate Apps Profile) such as Callista, ePDRS, finance applications

(It is possible, depending on the computer you are using, that the names of the profiles may vary a little)

When the VPN is connected, a yellow locked padlock appears in the bottom right hand corner. If not connected the padlock is either not there or unlocked. The most common problem associated with not being able to access the corporate systems is not having the VPN client connected. This is normally indicated by a blank white screen in Internet Explorer when you are expecting to see a corporate applications displayed.

How to connect

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Click the Cisco "VPN Client" Program in the Start Bar.

It is possible that you may need to go to "All Programs" and then select "Cisco" and then the "VPN Client" if it is not already in the Start Menu.

VPN icon on start menu

VPN logo in program files

On a Windows 7 computer you can also just type "vpn" in "Search programs and files" box, and then click on "VPN Client" in the resulting list.

VPN logo in search results

Make sure the "CONNECT TO CDU CORPORATE APPLICATION" is selected and then click the Connect button.

VPN connect button

Type in your username and password and then press "OK"

VPN login

To check that the VPN is connected, look for the yellow padlock in the bottom right corner of the screen.

VPN Connected logo

NOTE: For some staff this icon maybe hidden. It may require that you click the "show hidden icon arrow", at the bottom right of the screen (circled in yellow below), before the vpn icon will become visible, as shown in the red circle.

VPN Connected logo on taskbar

Windows 10 users can install the Cisco AnyConnect client by:

  1. Click on the Start Button.
  2. Type "Software Center" (note the spelling) and open the application.
  3. In the top right corner, search for "Cisco Anyconnect" and press enter.
  4. Click Install.
Once installed, open Cisco AnyConnect and type "" in the text field.
Enter your CDU username and Password when prompted.

Other methods

You don't need to use the Cisco VPN to connect to the CDU Network. You can use a web browser and Cisco AnyConnect.

Read instructions for AnyConnect.


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