Windows 10 and Office 2016 Tips

This page list some of the things you might find useful when starting out with Windows 10 and Office 2016.

It will be added to as we come across information we think might be of use to you.

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Windows 10

VPN: How do I connect to VPN on my Windows 10 computer?

With Windows 10 the VPN software is called AnyConnect.

AnyConnect can be installed from Software Center. Open Software Center and search for either "AnyConnect" or "VPN".

Then Install AnyConnect

Email: When I click an email link it opens up Windows Mail not Outlook 2016

Windows Mail is the default email client for Windows 10. When Office 2016 is installed this is supposed to be changed to Outlook 2016. Sometime this default association can be lost. To restore it, type "Default Applications" on the Start Menu. This will open the list of default applications on your computer. Select Mail at the top and when the list expands select Outlook 2016.

Change email default

Office 2016

Outlook 2016: How to disable reading pane "Reply" and "Forwards"

In earlier versions of Outlook when you clicked "Reply" or "Forward" a new window would open. In Outlook 2016 the "Reply" or "Forward" is contained in the reading pane.

You can change to to the earlier behaviour by going to;

File-> Options-> Mail-> section: Replies and forwards-> option: Open replies and forwards in a new window

Open replies and forwards in new window.


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