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Graduate attributes and employability skills

Generic skills equip a person to achieve their full potential in employment, life and community. They are highly-valued by employers for their role in enhancing the capacity of employees to respond, learn and adapt when workplace demands change. Generic skills are known by several other names, including graduate attributes and employability skills.

These skills are developed throughout a person's life and in multiple settings, including work and life settings and educational contexts. Each sector of education has a role to play in helping people to develop their generic skills.

Within the higher education sector, CDU has developed a suite of graduate attributes that align closely with the employability skills used throughout the vocational education and training (VET) sector in Australia. Within the VET sector, employability skills are being given significant emphasis in the development and review of training packages.

The table shows how Graduate Attributes and Employability Skills align.

CDU Core AttributeGeneric AttributeDescriptorRelationship to Nationally Identified Employability Skill
A CDU Graduate: A CDU Graduate has:
AcquisitionCan identify, retrieve, evaluate and use relevant information and current technologies to advance learning and execute of work tasksTechnology skills that contribute to effective execution of tasks
ApplicationIs an efficient and innovative project planner and problem solver, capable of applying logical and critical thinking to problems across a range of disciplinary settings and has self-management skills that contribute to personal satisfaction and growthProblem-solving skills that contribute to effective outcomes

Planning and organizing skills that contribute to productive outcomes

Self-management skills that contribute to employee satisfaction and growth
CreativityCan conceive of imaginative and innovative responses to future orientated challenges and research.Initiative and enterprise skills that contribute to innovative outcomes
Knowledge baseHas an understanding of the broad theoretical and technical concepts related to their discipline area, with relevant connections to industry, professional, and regional and indigenous knowledgeLearning skills that contribute to ongoing improvement and expansion in employee and company operations and outcomes
CitizenshipCommunicationDemonstrates oral, written, and effective listening skills as well as numerical, technical and graphic communication skills in a cross generational environmentCommunication skills that contribute to productive and harmonious relations between employees and customers
TeamworkHas a capacity for and understanding of collaboration and co-operation within agreed frameworks, including the demands of inter-generational tolerance, mutual respect for others, conflict resolution and the negotiation of productive outcomesTeam work skills that contribute to productive working relationships and outcomes
Social responsibilityIs able to apply equity values, and has a sense of social responsibility, sustainability, and sensitivity to other peoples, cultures and the environment
World ViewFlexibilityCan function effectively and constructively in an inter-cultural or global environment and in a variety of complex situations
LeadershipCan exercise initiative and responsibility, taking action and engaging others to make a positive difference for the common good