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LEBA small and medium grant round 2017

Below are the guidelines and application form for the LEBA Faculty small and medium grants round for projects to commence in early 2017.

To be able to complete the application form, you will need to read the grant guidelines paying attention to Table 1 (page 6) that outlines the specific assessment criteria (and weightings) and the relevant information that is required to complete Section 2 of the application.

Important information has been provided in the “Background” section of the guidelines that outline how Schools will generate research funds in the future under the changed Australian government funding rules from January 2017. The guidelines also provide information in relation to the funding amounts for the two schemes, staff eligibility to apply for a research grant, approved activities that can be undertaken and how grant applications will be assessed.

If you have any queries in regards to the research grant guidelines or application form, please don’t hesitate to contact Prof Lisa McManus.

Importantly, please note that the closing date for submissions is: 4pm Thursday 1st December 2016. All applications should be submitted via email to

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