Learning and Teaching committee

The Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee is the body responsible for oversight of academic quality in taught courses within the Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts (LEBA). It provides recommendations to the overarching, University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC) on learning and teaching policy, strategies, initiatives and innovation. These recommendations promote the interests of the university to meet with legislative and professional requirements and maintain academic standards, to foster high quality learning.

The aim of the committee is to improve teaching and learning processes and outcomes within the faculty through:

  • Reviewal and approval of all course accreditation and re-accreditation (CARP) documents for courses within the faculty
  • Providing a point of reference for issues relating to teaching and learning, to be raised and discussed at faculty level
  • Identification and resolution of key issues within schools, faculty and/or feedback to improve university processes
  • Reviewal and approval of external professional accreditation documentation
  • Providing an avenue for the flow of information to the university and schools around teaching and learning

At various times, invited guests may attend scheduled meetings to provide background, or advice on particular matters.

Faculty learning and teaching committee 

For the full list of current committee members and meeting dates refer to the wiki:


As per the LEBA L&T ToR, the committee is made up of:

  • Associate Dean L&T LEBA* – Chair
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor LEBA*
  • Head of School of each School within LEBA*
  • Chair of the School Learning & Teaching Committee from each School*
  • Learning and Teaching delegate for associated entities, such as OLT, AD L&T EHSE, AD R&RT LEBA, ULTC*
  • ALU Coordinator
  • LEBA Executive Officer
  • An undergraduate and one coursework postgraduate student from LEBA
  • Additional attendees at the invitation of the Chair, ie, BIITE, VET, NI

 *Indicates academic status

Administration support is currently given by the LEBA Project Officer


Curriculum development

Curriculum development at CDU is framed by policies that outline:

  1. Accreditation processes and requirements
  2. Course Rules for undergraduate and postgraduate areas
  3. The Federal Government regulatory frameworks and other accreditation bodies.

Ensure that you familiarise yourself with the policies related to the curriculum development you are undertaking.

1. Accreditation processes and requirements:

Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) has detailed information on their webpage for the accreditation process:

Governing documents are available on the CDU Document Library webpage. These documents include:

  • Course Accreditation and Reaccreditation Procedures (CARP)

2. Course Rules for undergraduate and postgraduate areas:

Governing documents are available on the CDU Document Library webpage. These documents include:

  • Common Course Rules - Associate Degree
  • Common Course Rules - Bachelor Degree
  • Common Course Rules - Bachelor Honours Degree
  • Common Course Rules - Diploma
  • Common Course Rules - Doctor of Philosophy
  • Common Course Rules - Graduate Certificate
  • Common Course Rules - Graduate Diploma
  • Common Course Rules - Masters by Coursework
  • Common Course Rules - Masters by Research
  • Grading Policy
  • Higher Education Coursework Admissions Policy
  • Units and Course Policy

3. The Federal Government regulatory frameworks and other accreditation bodies:

Other policies and procedures

Other policies that are of relevance to learning and teaching:

  • Academic Assessment and Moderation Policy
  • Feeder Courses for CDU Students Transferring to Partner Universities Policy
  • Higher Education Assessment Procedures
  • Higher Education Students - Academic Progression Procedures
  • Higher Education Examination Policy
  • Higher Education Examination Procedures

Terms of reference

The LEBA Learning and Teaching Committee Terms of Reference is available at the Governance document library.


T: 08 8946 6611

E: LEBAFLandTC@cdu.edu.au