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Postgraduate Seminars

Postgraduate seminars are held at various times through the teaching semesters and will be advertised as they are scheduled.

Presentation titlePresenter/sDateTimeVenue
Presentation titlePresenter/sDateTimeVenue
The revolution of 1848-1849 between local ambivalence and global impactDr Andreas Leutzsch; University of Hong KongTuesday 2 August12pm to 1pmOrange 6.2.10


Instability and corruption in South East AsiaProf Bridget Welsh; Ipek Univeristy, TurkeyMonday 15 August9am to 10amOrange 6.2.10
Identity and conflictRichard O'BrienMonday 15 August10am to 11amOrange 6.2.10
How do I turn my thesis into a book?Michael CathcartMonday 15 August11am to 12pmOrange 6.2.10


CreativityDr Kirpal SinghFriday 30 September9:30am to 10:15amBlue 5.1.01
The perks and perils of editing an academic journalDr Edna RosenthalFriday 30 September10:15am to 11amBlue 5.1.01
Seven types of writingDr Ruvik RosenthalFriday 30 September11:20am to 12:05pmBlue 5.1.01
From dissertation to publication(s) - turning your PhD thesis into journal articles and a bookDr C.K. Martin ChungFriday 30 September12:05pm to 12:50pmBlue 5.1.01

Symposium: Methods and Issues & Social Sciences

Creativity and Critical ThinkingDr Bruce HaynesFriday 18 November1pm to 2pmBlue 5.1.01
Everything you wanted to know about Steiner education and weren't afraid to ask: its philosophical underpinnings and development across a centuryJean-Michel DavidFriday 18 November2:10pm to 3:10pmBlue 5.1.01
Politics in Philippine imaginary Institution of Revolutionary Religion in the Philippines: Reflections on Christians for National Liberation (1972-1993)Dr Phillip AblettFriday 18 November3:20pm to 4:20pmBlue 5.1.01
Using reflection as a method of inquiry in social science researchChristine MorleyFriday 18 November4:30pm t0 5:30pmBlue 5.1.01

Food For Thought: Building Ideas & Capacity seminars

Presentation titlePresenter/sDatetimevenue

Taking Up the Challenge: Global Research and Diversity with Educators Across the World

Dr Valerie Kinloch, Ohio State UniversityFebruary 2210:30am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01

Agency and internationalisation: Making globalisation work for YOU

Dr Ania Lian, Charles Darwin UniversityMarch 811:30am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01

Understanding contract/seasonal employment potential in regions with high youth unemployment:Investigating job seekers' viewpoints

Alicia Boyle, Charles Darwin University; Associate Professor Pascal Tremblay, Charles Darwin UniversityMarch 2211:30am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01

Pre-punishment - Desert and Deterrence Theories

Dr John William, Singapore Management UniversityApril 511:30am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01

Relationship between Educational Policy and Educational Practice: Dilemmas, Factors and Strategies
Dr Xu Yun, Anhui Normal UniversityApril 2611:30am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Grafitti on Writing: How to Read the Internet's Anti-TextsDr Adelle Sefton Rowston, Charles Darwin UniversityMay 1011:30am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Challenges in Global Learning: A Unique Model for Situating a Masters by Coursework Program in Education within a Broader Strategy for Institutional Capacity-BuildingDr Ania Lian, Charles Darwin UniversityMay 1711:30am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
English Language Education in Malaysia: The Past, Present and FutureDr Baratithasan NarayanasamyMay 3111:30am - 12:30pm

Blue 1.1.01

Presentation titlePresenter/sDateTimeVenue

SEMESTER 1, 2016

Colonial Neighbours in an Era of Change: Portugal and the Netherlands in Timor, 1945-1949Dr Steven Farram, Charles Darwin UniversityMarch 211am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
A Framework for Creating Stylized Animation from Animated 3D ModelsDr Hock Soon Seah, Nanyang Technology University SingaporeApril 1311am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Purpose, Meaning and Alignment: Dual frameworks to identify problems in assessment design and then scaffold understanding to enhance the student and teacher experienceMs Amanda Janssen and Ms Roz Rowen, Charles Darwin UniversityApril 2011am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
The Unkillable PoetDr Christian Bok, University of CalgaryApril 2711am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Investigating the use of Creative Commons licenses with Indigenous language materialsCathy Bow and Prof David Price, Charles Darwin UniversityMay 411am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
International Network for Indigenous Ecological Farmers Walking Workshop - Taiwan 2016Ms Theresa Alice, Urremerne Custodian; Dr Benxiang Zeng, Dr Judith Lovell, Charles Darwin UniversityMay 1312:30pm - 1:30pm

Casuarina: Blue 2A.1.01

Alice Springs: HE Building 15, Theatrette

The Economics of Electricity Reforms: Past, Present and the FutureDr Rabindra Nepal; Charles Darwin UniversityMay 1811am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01

SEMESTER 2, 2016

Monkey bars, noodles and a car park: a comparative analysis of social interaction in two school ground contextsDr Linda Mahony and Dr Georgie Nutton, Charles Darwin UniversityJuly 2011am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Cancelled -  Engaging with others, engaging with ourselves: toward a collaborative, community-engaged research MethodologyProfessor Valerie Kinloch, Ohio State UniversityJuly 2711am - 12:30pmRed 6.1.48
Some reflections on revolution in a revolutionary ageDr Andreas Leutzsch, University of Hong KongAugust 311am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Human rights and the rule of law in ASEAN: perspectives on regional integration in Southeast AsiaChristoph Sperfeldt, Australian National University/Charles Darwin UniversityAugust 1511am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Arts and architecture in the age of contingencyProfessor Richard Goodwin, University of New South WalesAugust 1711am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Research Engagement & Impact - How do I fit in? Examples of Successful Case Studies from the Creative Arts & HumanitiesAlexandra MurrayAugust 3111am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Designing to foster creativity and innovation in student learningProfessor Shirley Alexander, University of Technology SydneySeptember 1410:30am - 12pmBlue 5.1.01
The Rapid Growth of Australia's Very Elderly Population: Past Estimates and Probabilistic ForecastsDr Tom Wilson, Charles Darwin UniversityOctober 1211am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
CDU's Institute of Advanced StudiesDr Lawrence Cram, Charles Darwin UniversityOctober 2610:30am - 12pmBlue 5.1.01
Up for the challenge: Co-locating for effective service delivery: A case study of Darwin NGOsDr Kate Golebiowska and Ms Alicia Boyle, Charles Darwin UniversityNovember 231pm - 2:30pmBlue 5.1.01

Presentation Title





SEMESTER 1, 2015
Assessing and Teaching 21st Century Skills: Overview and Case Study

Assistant Professor Mark Nowacki

February 2511am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Education as Transformation Creating Cultural Identity and Civil SocietyProfessor John OzolinsMarch 411am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
The concept of evidence-based learning in cross-disciplinary education research:narrowing the gap between researchMarch 1111am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
John Dahlsen's Churchill Fellowship activities Jan/Feb 2015John DahlsenMarch 1811am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Who says elections are fair? A systematic global review and public opinion indexDr Andrew KlassenMarch 2511am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Telling Reflections: Creating learning environments congruent to sustainabilityDeborah PrescottApril 111am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
The Toiho ki Apti journey twenty years onProfessor Robert JahnkeApril 811am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
The Emerging Tort of Privacy & Social MediaDr Jenny NgApril 1511am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
On-line social constructivism in a land of didactics: Principals' professional Development in IndonesiaDr Greg ShawApril 2911am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
CDU's ERA submission and an exploration for future assessment of research and scholarshipProfessor Lawrence CramMay 611am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Governing the Edge: New approaches to Place MakingProfessor Paul CarterMay 1311am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Challenges in Global Learning: a unique model for building research capacity within a coursework master program in the School of EducationDr Ania LianJune 311am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
CDU's Sustainability Strategy: Using Sustainability to develop Academic LiteraciesProfessor Martin Carroll
Professor Andrew Campbell
Dr Nicola Rolls
June 2412:30pm - 1:30pmBlue 5.1.01
SEMESTER 2, 2015
Graduate Outcomes: a generative curriculum model for international studentsDr Yoshi BuddAugust 511am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Northern Australian Aspirations

Judith Lovell

John Guenther

August 1011am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Charlie Hebdo: terrorism, law and Islam in FranceProfessor Antoine BullierAugust 1911am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Reflections on the PhD degree: from France and the AntipodesProfessor Antoine BullierAugust 2611am - 12:30pmYellow 1.3.48 - Moot Court
Identity, Language and Culture: entry points into research conversationsDr Yoshi BuddSeptember 211am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
How to engage 'untapped' labour force to assist northern development? Case study of Darwin, NT

Dr Kate Golebiowska

Alicia Boyle

September 1611am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Timor-Leste Academy of Arts and Creative IndustriesSeptember 2311am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Academic writing as aesthetics applied: creative use of technology to support learning through the development of its visual, kinaesthetic and rhythmic dimensions, as well as critical thinkingDr Ania LianOctober 711am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Transgender & Sex/Gender Diverse Northern TerritoriansDr Stephen KerryOctober 2111am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
A Symphony Not a Sonata: Operationalising the Human Security Concept for Unauthorised Maritime ArrivalsJeswynn YogaratnamNovember 411am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Yolngu Women's Science

Dr Payi Linda Ford

Johanna Funk

November 1811am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
W(h)ither Wisdom? Educating for a just and sustainable future

Associate Professor Zane Ma Rhea

November 2511am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Indigenous population projections: their importance, reliability, and how to do them better

Dr Andrew Taylor

Dr Tom Wilson

December 211am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01

Presentation Title





SEMESTER 1, 2014
University Governance and Governance structures at CDU - a panel discussion

Panel members:
Prof Giselle Byrnes,
Prof Sue Carthew,
Prof Martin Carroll,
A/Prof Steve Shanahan,
Prof Sandra Dunn

March 511.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Peer Review Strategy: Teaching and Learning Practice to Improve student participation in GIS lecturesDr Muhammad NawazMarch 2611:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Middle School teachers' Experiences of InquiryDr Gregory SmithApril 211.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and its role in improving retention and students' gradesLinh PallosApril 911.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
You've got how many students?!! Effective Assessment for larger groups - A Professional development sessionOffice of Learning and TeachingApril 1611.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Demystifying the role of peak bodies and how best to use themNT Council of Social Service, NT Shelter, NT Mental Health Coalition, Council of Aging and National Disability ServicesApril 2311.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Moves and Marks: A Rendezvous of Printmaking and SoundMats UndenApril 3011.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Great Expectations: Teaching Mathematics in English to Indigenous Language Speaking StudentsDr Cris Edmonds-WathenMay 711.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Demystifying the myth of undertaking an HDR degree - a panel discussion

Panel members:
Prof Sue Carthew
Prof Rose McEldowney
Dr Sue Shore
Mr Danial Kelly
Prof Martin Jarvis

May 1411.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
The OER Wizard from Oz: Lessons from Research and Joining the Community of Practice at OER14Johanna FunkMay 2111.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Assessment with Large Groups: Strategies and tools - A Professional Development sessionOffice of Learning and TeachingMay 2811:00am - 12:30pmBlue 2A
Are we LBG(TI) enough to claim asylum?Jeswynn YogaratnamJune 411:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
SEMESTER 2, 2014
PhD by publication - a panel discussionPanel members:
Prof Lawrence Cram
Prof Ruth Wallace
Prof Andrew Campbell
Prof Linda Rosenman
August 611:00am- 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
The Rule of Law online: You can't steal cakes that Google haven't bakedFelicity Gerry QCAugust 1311:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Max Weber and the social role of religion in the lives of intersex AustraliansStephen KerryAugust 2011:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Assessing for Learning - A Professional Development sessionOffice of Teaching and LearningAugust 2711:30am - 1:00pmBlue 2A
Strategic future directions of the UGM Law FacultyDr Paripurna PoerwokoAugust 2711:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Real, Relevant or Redundant: positioning and re-positioning Buddhism in Australia as an education paradigmDr Sue SmithSeptember 311:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
The United States, the Religion of Civility and the Calvanization of the WorldProf Wayne CristaudoSeptember 1711:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Assessing creativity - 'art' for learning in the humanitiesDr Birut Zemits
Josh Barnes
October 111:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Life-long and life-wide literacy learning: How do we understand and 'measure' it?Prof Stephen RederOctober 811:00am - 12:30pmBlue 2A
Resilience for primary school children: A conceptual framework for Just in time pedagogy

Dr Ania Lian

October 1511:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Dealing with Diverse Student Cohorts: inclusive assessment practices for international studentsOffice of Teaching and LearningOctober 2211:00am - 12:30pmBlue 2A
Are iPad's educational for young children: perception versus reality?Leigh Disney
Dr Gretchen Geng
October 2911:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge in the CDU School of Education, Bachelor of Education (Primary) Degree

Dr Linda Ford
John Prior

November 1211:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Negotiating the personal story in researchWelby IngsNovember 1911:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Putting (en) ABLE on the table: What does preparation for the humanities entail?Dr Linda Hodson
Dr Birut Zemits
November 2611:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01

Presentation Title





SEMESTER 1, 2013
Recalibrating Business Education

Ram Vemuri

27th February11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Educationlinx.com: Baudrillard and Hyper-RealityLaurence Tamatea6th March11:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Messianism and Redemption: Jewish/Christian Undercurrents of the (Western) WorldWayne Cristaudo13th March11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Al-Jazeera Satelite Television use among the Arab/Islamic Diaspora in AustraliaSulay Jalloh20th March11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Engaging with Muslims in the NT: Filling the GapsSerena Hussain27th March11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Mandarin comes to Darwin: How a language adapts to an Australian situationPaul Black3rd April11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Collaborate: the operating dilemmas encountered over the Summer SemesterDarryl Saunders10th April11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
How to (or not) treat international students

Panel members:
Ms Frances Tolhurst

Dr Marilyn Kell

Dr Gretchen Geng

Mr Dean Preddy

Mr Darryl Saunders

17th April11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Beyond the simulacrum? Spin-off panel discussion on Baudrillard and Hyper-Reality

Panel members:

Elspeth Opperman

Laurence Tamatea

Wayne Cristaudo

Janice Crerar

24th April11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Opening Digital Learning for Deeper Inquiry

Jon Mason

1st May11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Learning for a Good Life: What are the links between Education and well-beingSchool of Education15th May11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
SEMESTER 2, 2013
Design thinking frameworks as transformative cross-disciplinary pedagogy

Prof Neil Anderson

Dr Pauline Taylor

7th August11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Education research in Australia: Where is it conducted and why should we be interested in this?Sue Shore14th August11:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
The implications of Arab Uprisings on Religious MinoritiesDr Fiona McCallum28th August11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Pathways and roadblocks: Indigenous teacher education in remote AustraliaSue Shore
Trish Coleman
Al Strangeways
Melodie Bat
4th September11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
French customary law in Ancien régime France
Antoine Bullier11th September11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
CDU plaques: A history written in metalSteve Farram18th September11:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
The reaction against French customary Law: The French Civil CodeAntoine Bullier25th September11:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
The environmental Art of John DahlsenJohn Dahlsen2nd October11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Boundary Makers: Land Surveying in the nineteenth-century New ZealandGiselle Byrnes9th October11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Introduction to Estill Voice Training & Estill Voice and Bush Bands TrainingPaolo Fabris16th October11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
From Policy to Practice: Unpacking the new CDU assessment policies - A panel discussion on assessment at CDUPanel members:
Martin Carroll
Steve Shanahan
Sandra Dunn
Kristine Evans
Edwina Grose
23rd October11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
WordStorm 2014

Panos Couros

30th October11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Is Australia Passing the Global Test? What should we do and why?Peter Kell
Marilyn Kell
6th November11.00am - 12.30pmBlue 5.1.01
Seeding Study for "Caring about Ceremony: Indigenous Knowledge across Boundaries of the Time, Space and SocietyLinda Ford
Linda Barwick
13th November11:00am - 12:30pmBlue 2A
Social Media usage and issues - An NT perspectiveSusan Bandias
Rajeev Sharma
20th November11:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01
Can preschool aged children learn using gestural interfaces? - Exploring children's learning, engagement and video deficit effect while they are playing an iPadGretchen Geng
Leigh Disney
27th November11:00am - 12:30pmBlue 5.1.01

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