LEBA Postgraduate Candidates

Within the Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts (LEBA), research and postgraduate candidates are supported by the Faculty Research Leadership Team. This team includes the Associate Dean of Research & Research Training (AD R&RT), Research Administration Officer and a research champion from each school within LEBA.

We provide support, information and mentoring to research and postgraduate students.

Direct financial support

During the period of your candidature, the University allocates PhD and other research candidates an allocation each semester for the duration of your research as follows:

  • Masters: 2 years full-time or 4 years part-time
  • PhD: 3 years full-time or 6 years part-time

This funding is provided to assist you with your postgraduate research expenses, for example: purchase of equipment, software, assistance with travel expenses, binding and printing of your thesis.

Allocations accrue each semester and funds are available to students currently enrolled in an approved course of study.

Students must obtain approval from their supervisor before purchasing any items.

For 2016, allocation will be as follows:

  • Full-time student $1,600 pa
  • Part-time student $ 800 pa

If you wish to know the balance of your account, please contact the LEBA Research Administration Officer by phone, 08 8946 6156 or email:

You might find it handy setting up your own Excel spreadsheet and keeping tabs on your expenditure/balance. Allocations are credited to your account at the beginning of January and July each year.

In certain circumstances it is possible to apply for an advance on your allocation. This will be considered upon a formal request from you and needs to be fully supported by your principal supervisor.


The Reimbursement Claim Form must be signed by you and your supervisor.

All original receipts are to be attached to the claim form for a reimbursement.

To claim reimbursements: 08 8946 6156 or email


To make a claim for reimbursement involving travel, what you must do PRIOR to travel:

  • Complete forms with all information attached as required
  • Your supervisor must approve and sign
  • Submit to the Faculty Office:


Competitive research grant funding

Competitive Research Grant funding is an initiative of the Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts (LEBA) to provide an opportunity for HDR (Higher Degree by Research) students and supervisors within LEBA to access additional funding for postgraduate research.

There are three grants available, usually reviewed twice yearly, and applications are accepted at any time:

  • Supplementary Funding Grant for HDR students
  • HDR Student Conference Grant
  • External HDR Students/Supervisor Travel Grants

To apply, submit the relevant application form with supporting documents to the LEBA Research Administration Officer email:

Supplementary Funding Grant for HDR Students

This grant is intended for LEBA Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students, to supplement other LEBA student funding. Individual grants are limited to $2000 maximum, and should be used for activities related to a student’s substantive HDR project only.

Your application needs to include justification for the expenditure and be supported by your principal supervisor.

You must be enrolled and have completed at least one year of your candidature.

HDR Student Conference Travel Grant

This Fund is intended for the use of LEBA Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Students.

Individual grants are limited to a maximum of $1500 for domestic travel and $2500 for International travel, registration fees and accommodation.

The grant is mainly intended to support travel by HDR students to present at a conference, so candidates must have acceptance of a paper or poster presentation.

Candidates must be enrolled and have completed at least one year of their candidature. In the case of joint papers only one grant will be provided.

External HDR Student/Supervisor Travel Grant

This Grant is to support travel by LEBA Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students and supervisors.

The grant is mainly intended to support travel to CDU by external HDR students to consult with their supervisors, and for external supervisors to travel to CDU to consult with their HDR students. Individual grants are limited to a maximum of $1500.

This grant can be applied for at any time during the year and applications will be considered by the Associate Dean Research. You can apply for a second grant in a calendar year, but your application will go before the Faculty Research Panel for consideration.

Please note: not all applications will be successful - success depends largely on the quality and merit of the application. Applications are presented to the LEBA/ACIKE Research Panel for approval.

The LEBA HDR Student Conference Travel Grant replaces CTG previously allocated and administered by the Office of Research.

It is recognised that, in some circumstances, students and supervisors may require funding support before the next round of applications are reviewed. In this instance, exceptions will be considered and the particular application will be submitted to the next scheduled Faculty Research Panel meeting.

Research scholarships

CDU scholarships are sponsored by individuals, businesses, government, community groups and the University, to assist students with the financial burden of studying.

A number of the scholarships offer students the opportunity to participate in paid work experience during semester breaks and graduate positions on completion of study.

For more information, please visit CDU Scholarships.

CDU Research Scholarships

For more information please have a look at the CDU Office of Research and Innovation webpage concerning Research Scholarships for Postgraduate candidates.

Internal Scholarships

The University has a number of Commonwealth and University funded Research Scholarships available for award each year.

Scholarships are normally 2 years duration for Masters by Research students and 3 years duration for PhD students.

If students apply for Scholarships, offered within CDU, they are referred to as Domestic Scholarships.

External Scholarships

There are many organisations that provide Scholarships for people who wish to undertake Higher Degrees by Research.

Applicants will normally apply direct to the organisation offering the Scholarship and be required to identify the University at which they will undertake their Degree. 

At Charles Darwin University, these are identified as External Scholarships.

Student guides

Our publications are informative guides for students studying at CDU.

Read more.