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CDU eSpace is Charles Darwin University's repository for archiving, preserving and showcasing the University's intellectual outputs and special collections. It is building a bibliographic record of the University's scholarly publications (journal articles, conference papers, books, etc.) and making as much of this work open access as possible.

The Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages - a digital archive of endangered literature in Indigenous languages of the Northern Territory.

The East Timor Collection - 36 titles from the Collection published between 1885-1985 mainly in Portuguese, have been digitised and now form part of the Arafura Digital Archive (AraDA).

Theses - PhD, Masters and selected Honours theses are available via eSpace in the List of Collections in CDU Library: Special and Theses.

Photograph collections - CDU has historically significant collections such as the Shewring and Vesteys Collection. There are also photographs documenting the history of Charles Darwin University.


A service that allows online access to high demand course reading materials. eReadings includes journal articles, book chapters and lecture notes that have been recommended by a lecturer as part of their course reading requirements. Students can access course materials from any networked computer in the Library or elsewhere including from home. Student account and password is all that is necessary.


A service that provides links to full text documents. eTitles includes newsletters and handbooks. Students can access eTitles from any networked computer in the Library or elsewhere including from home. Student account and password is all that is necessary. All eTitles are listed in the Library catalogue.

Exam papers

A service that provides links to past CDU examination papers. Exam papers are made available online for CDU students and staff to access once all relevant examinations are closed. Student account and password is all that is necessary for access. The collection consists of the previous four years of exam papers and older papers are archived. Hard copies are not kept in the Library. Faculty please contact Digital Collections to submit a past Exam paper.


Legal texts, primary law materials and journals. Primary law material includes legislation and law reports; current resources are available electronically. A comprehensive collection of all Australian states and territories legislation and law reports. Materials from the U.K., New Zealand and Canadian legal jurisdictions have been acquired, with current resources available electronically.


The Main collection includes items such as books, DVDs etc. Items in the main collection are available for loan.


Items published on a regular basis such as magazines, journals and newspapers make up this collection. These items all have a call number prefix of P and are not available for loan.


The Reference collection contains dictionaries, encyclopedic works, bibliographies etc. These items have a call number prefix of REF and are for Library use only.

Short Term Loan

Items in high demand are moved to the Short Term Loan category which means that the loan period is reduced to a 2 day or 4 hour loan period. These are primarily prescribed texts and recommended readings. STL items can only be borrowed from their home Library and are not available for InterLibrary Loan or Distance posting.

Special Collections

Closed access collections comprising:

Broad interdisciplinary collection of published and unpublished materials dealing with Northern Australia and contiguous maritime and land areas. A significant component of Indigenous content.

The East Timor Collection consists of 1640 titles covering the Portuguese period in East Timor. The core of the collection contains materials (books, articles and conference papers) published in Portuguese during the Salazarist dictatorship from 1926 to 1974. A small component of the collection has been digitised as part of the Arada Digital Archive.

Rare book collection which is restricted from general use due to being rare or fragile.


Items are listed on the catalogue and can be requested via the Service Desk at Casuarina Campus or online. Twenty four hours notice is required and retrieval is on normal working days. Items are for use in the library only.

Items in the Special Collection or Rare Book Collection are not available for Interlibrary Loans.

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