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CDU Library Conditions of Use

Activating your student account includes an agreement that you will not log anyone else into your account.
Students under the age of 18 need to have a guardian sign a form at enrolment in order to access the internet. See Telecommunications Act 1997
Computers locked for any amount of time, or left unattended for 10 minutes will be logged off. Personal belongings will be removed and held at the service desk.
Viewing offensive materials and racial vilification is unlawful.
Use of computers is strictly for research or study purposes.
CDU Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Acceptable Use Policy
Computers are only for use of CDU students, CDU staff and others who have been authorised and allocated logins by ITMS.
All campus Libraries have Learning Precincts that provide access to computers.
Learning precincts are wireless enabled.
Instructions for setting up wireless
Staff are available to provide basic assistance.
Respect for all library users and staff.
Library staff expect all users to behave with respect and good manners towards everyone else.
Anyone dressed or behaving in an unacceptable way may be asked to leave the Library.
Report any suspicious or disruptive behaviour to staff.
CDU Student Conduct By-laws
Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by, and under the direct supervisions of, an adult at all times.
Children are not permitted to use computers.
Students have priority for use of tables and chairs and if children are using these, they may be directed to move.
More information is available in the CDU Children on the University Premises Policy.
Eating and drinking
Eating is not permitted inside the Library.
Drinks with lids are allowed.

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The Library is a research and study space
Library space is not to be used for games e.g. playing cards. This also applies to games or other forms of entertainment on computers (especially when there is a shortage)
Group use
Only groups working with a CDU Liaison Librarian may use the general Library or Learning Precinct space. Lecturers or tutors can contact CDU Facilities to book other rooms on campus for teaching or tutoring purposes.
Online examinations
Students planning to undertake online examinations in the Library are welcome to do so but need to be aware that the Library cannot provide ideal examination conditions. Specifically the Library cannot:

  • Adjust opening or closing times to accommodate students who may be midway through an exam at closing time
  • Permit booking of PCs or other equipment e.g. scanners in advance
  • Provide any technical assistance associated with the online exam e.g. resetting if system freezes
  • Provide any sort of supervision or monitoring of students undertaking exams
  • Facilitate silent conditions required for exam
Students deciding to complete online exams in the Library do so solely at their own risk.
Personal Property
Keep your personal belongings with you at all times.
The Library is a public area and cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.
Noise and mobile phones
The Library is a quiet study area; this means that quiet talking is allowed with consideration for others.
Talking quietly on mobile phones is permitted, ringtones must be turned to silent.
Casuarina Campus
The wing on level 2 of Casuarina Campus Library is a quiet discussion study area with the wing of level 3 being a silent study area. In the silent study area talking is not permitted and mobile phones must be turned off.
Suspicious or disruptive behaviour
The Library takes reasonable step to ensure that the Library is a safe and quiet study space. If you see anything that requires a response by staff or are feeling unsafe please let us know.


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