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CDU Library Facilities and Space Usage

Casuarina and Palmerston Campus Library group study rooms
For use by CDU Library members for study and research purposes only.
Booking conditions include:
  • Bookings must be made for groups.
  • Bookings may be up to 4 hours.
  • Bookings can not be made more than one week in advance.
  • Groups can not make consecutive bookings.
  • Rooms will be re-allocated if the room is vacant for 15 minutes.
  • The room key must be returned in time for the next booking.
  • Whiteboard pens and erasers are not provided by the Library.
Casuarina and Palmerston Campus Library training rooms
The Library training rooms are located on level 2 of the Casuarina Campus Library and on the ground floor at Palmerston. Their primary function is the delivery of information and research skills training for CDU students and staff delivered by CDU Library staff.

At times when formal sessions are not being run, the computers in the Casuarina Campus Library Training room are available for students to use.
The following conditions apply:
  • No food or drink.
  • No noisy or inappropriate behaviour.
  • No theft or damage to equipment.
  • Room to be left in a tidy condition.
Should any of these conditions be breached, student access to the Training room will be revoked.

The training room at Casuarina is not available for use by academic staff for teaching purposes - central computing labs are available for this purpose. Bookings are accepted at the Palmerston Campus Library.

The training rooms are not available for use by people outside of CDU.
LCD screen in Library Foyers at Casuarina and Palmerston Campus Libraries
Guidelines for adding slides
  • Slides will be displayed for a maximum period of four weeks.
  • Priority is given to Library slides.
  • Allow one week for slide to be displayed.
  • Slides must be provided in PowerPoint format.
  • Slides must be sent as an attachment to
  • Slides sent must be ready for display; no editing will be done by Library staff.
  • Slides will be put up, and remain, at the discretion of staff.
  • No 'for sale', 'positions vacant', offensive or sensitive slides will be placed on the LCD screen.
  • Slides must be relevant to CDU and be of an educational context.
Use by general public
Displays and Exhibitions in the library
The Library encourages the use of public spaces for the promotion of University activities and non-profit organisations that may be of interest to University Students and Staff.
Permission for displays should be sought from the Associate Director Client Services. Details need to be provided on the Idemnity form, which also covers loss or damage of material.
Indemnity form for public use of library space
The standard timeframe for a display is seven days.
The person/organisation is responsible for the display, this includes:
  • Setting up and removing the display on the specified dates.
  • Not obstructing any walkways.
  • Providing all materials needed to set up the display.
  • Not attaching any display materials to doors, walls or windows.
  • Checking the display to ensure that it is neat and tidy.
Public noticeboards
Notices to be handed to staff at the Service Desk.
Notices will be put up,and remain, at the discretion of staff.
Notices will be date stamped and pinned to the staff notice board.
No 'for sale', 'positions vacant', offensive or sensitive notices will be placed on the noticeboard.
Petitions that adhere to the equity principles of the University may be left in the Library for a period of seven days.
The placement of the petitions are at the discretion of the Director or delegate.
The Library will not fundraise or take money on behalf of organisations.
Surveys conducted by CDU Students or Staff
Permission needs to be sought from the Associate Director Client Services.
Details such as name, student/staff number, unit code and supervisor and details of survey and duration need to be provided.


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