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Add item to eReadings

Place reading materials on eReadings
eReadings instructions for academics

Add item to Short Term Loan

Request a textbook or other item to be placed in the Short Term Loan collection.
Short Term Loan instructions for academics

CDU Institutional Repository Deposit Agreement pdf file image

Deposit your work in Charles Darwin University's Institutional Repository.
Information about the Institutional Repository

CDU Thesis - deposit

Add your thesis to Charles Darwin University's Institutional Repository

CDU Thesis - request a copy

Claimed returned

If you are certain that you have returned a library item, but it still appears on your library record, you can fill in a Claim Returned form.
Manage your borrowing

Interibrary Loan request

Request for copy of printed journal articles, books or chapters not available from the CDU Library Collection.
Guidelines for Interlibrary Loans

Library space usage indemnity word file

Guidelines for public use

Lost or damaged item

Report your lost or damaged items.

Offer of donation

Photograph order formword file

Request a copy of a photograph from the Photograph Collections
Photograph Collections at CDU Library

Photograph - permission to publishword file

Request premission to publish a photograph from the Photograph Collections
Photograph Collections at CDU Library

Print Account Re-Credit

If you would like funds re-credited to your printing account due to a printer or software error.

Purchase request

Request an item be purchased and added to the Library Collection
Purchasing guidelines

Request to view Rare Book

If you would like to view rare book .

Research Consultancy request

Services for CDU Researchers

Special Collections retrieval

Request for an item to be retrieved from the Special Collection for viewing within the library.
Guidelines for access

Membership for Senior School Studentsword file

Must be signed by both student and parent/guardian and brought in person to the Library.


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