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Peer Student Mentoring Program

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Are you a first-year student at CDU starting your undergraduate degree this semester? If so, congratulations and welcome to university life!  

While it's an exciting time, we understand that the transition can be challenging. That's why we have a Peer Mentoring program here at CDU, designed to help you navigate the new academic and social environment, manage your time and stress, find support resources, make new friends, deal with academic pressure, and maintain mental and physical health. 

Watch the video below: 


Benefits of joining the program as a mentee: 

  • Supportive community and mentorship relationship 

  • Improved academic performance 

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem 

  • Improved time management and organisation skills 

  • Better adaptation to university life and culture 

  • Enhanced sense of belonging and community involvement 

  • Improved mental and physical health 

  • Increased knowledge of university resources and services 

  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth 

  • Development of lasting relationships and networks. 


Click here to register.

For further information and queries please email

We look forward to starting off well with you at CDU in your first semester.


Please note that our Peer Mentoring program is not designed to provide academic tutoring or discipline-specific support. While our Peer Mentors are knowledgeable and experienced students, their role is not to provide academic advice or support — there are other teams for this type of support. However, mentors can and will refer you to the appropriate services according to your needs.  

Mentors and Testimonials

Meet our Peer Mentors
abhineet nirmal profile picture

  Hi, I am Abhi. I am studying Bachelor of Education at CDU, and my favourite subject is Maths. My cultural background is from Bharat (India), and I have lived in Darwin for about four years. I have chosen to be a peer mentor because I was a first-year student too who would have absolutely loved to get guidance and support. Since I want to be a teacher in the future, I am keen to do something that relates to what I am pursuing, so I have chosen peer mentoring. Also, I absolutely love meeting new people and making connections. I hope to meet you soon.



casey croucamp profile picture

Hi, there. I am Casey, a second year Master of Environmental Management Student at Charles Darwin University. I am studying my degree online from remote Central Australia. I chose to become a mentor because when I first dived into university life I really struggled. I want other new students to have a positive experience and have someone they can come to if they ever need help. I also want to create connections with fellow students as studying online can make that quite difficult. In my free time I love to cook and bake delicious goodies as well as spend time with my dog Loki. I have a passion for animals, the environment and cooking. Being a peer mentor allows me to interact with others, build connections and help others, even while being in a remote place.



angela liang profile picture

Hello! I am Angela, second-year nursing student at Charles Darwin University. I am a mature student returning to study after finishing my last degree over a decade ago (thirteen years to be exact). I have always embraced curiosity, adventures and lifelong learning and I have a broad interest from yoga, dance, martial arts to diving. Going back to university has broadened my horizons, enabled new career options, and brought friendship, joy and a sense of community into my life. I look forward to sharing my experiences and supporting others through their university journey.



sanajna chowdhury profile picture

Hi, everybody. I am Sanjana, a final-year Master of IT student at Charles Darwin University (CDU). As I progressed through my CDU journey, I came across several pieces of information and services that would have made my first semester much easier had I known about them. This motivated me to become a peer student mentor, as I would love to help new students along the way. I had a great time guiding and easing the concerns of my former peer mentees and hope to continue doing so. I like to travel, read books, and make paintings. Being a peer mentor fulfills my desire to contribute to the betterment of my fellow students' lives.  



mardi james profile picture

Hi, all. My name is Mardi, when not being a single mother to the most amazing two young men, I am studying towards my final year of my Bachelor of Psychological Science Degree or cruising around a few acres with a house cow called Mayhem .  I enjoy helping people, and the journey of support and help I have received from CDU on my discovery of a VPD, ADHD and PTSD diagnosis, has made me aware of how many others might be struggling, so I am excited to join an amazing program that not only builds a better CDU, but assists others to have the best possible journey into a fantastic network. I am excited to assist within a team of amazing and caring people who endeavour to make the transition easier for all new students. 

Testimonials: See what past mentees had to say about the Peer Mentoring program
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