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The media team writes for corporate CDU publications.

They also write and distribute media releases to local, interstate and international media.

Enews is the university's monthly electronic newsletter that profiles and publicises news stories covering significant research, important events as well as staff and student profiles.

This newsletter is distributed to a wide external and internal audience and is also available to view on the CDU website.

Origins magazine is the university’s main corporate publication covering significant research and achievements by university staff.

This biannual publication is distributed to a significant audience nationally and internationally and is also available to view on the CDU website.

A media release is written communication distributed to members of news media to inform them of newsworthy research or events at the university.

A media release is usually no longer than 300 words and acts as a teaser for media to interest them in covering the story in depth and will usually result in a request from media to conduct an interview with a university representative.

These documents are emailed to an extensive list including editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, or television networks.

The university representative is usually the expert quoted in the media release and must make themselves available to talk to media if a release is issued by the media office.

Tips for submitting a story lead

If you have an idea for a story, the media team can work with you to identify the best means of promoting it to a broad range of audiences.

To assist the media team when submitting your idea, try to provide a summary of your work in about 150 words.

This will also help prepare you for dealing with the media for whom you will need to be succinct when providing comment on the important elements of your project.

To submit a story idea email

For media release and queries regarding feature articles for the University’s main corporate publication, Origins, contact the Senior Media Officer on 8946 7798 or the Media Officer on 8946 6270 in Darwin, or the Regional Public Relations Officer Media on 08 8959 5450 in Alice Springs.

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