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Award signifies bright future for architecture student

Charles Darwin University student Nicole Ng with her award
CDU student Nicole Ng has taken out the NT Student Award at the 2020 NT Architecture Awards.​

Charles Darwin University student Nicole Ng is building a bright future in architecture after taking out the NT Student Award at the 2020 NT Architecture Awards.

 Nicole, who received the award based on her exceptional Grade Point Average, said she was surprised to receive recognition for her work. 

“I was delighted, but also very honoured and humbled,” she said.

Hailing from Melbourne originally, she relocated to Darwin in 2011 and is in her third year of a Bachelor of Design in architecture.

While architecture wasn’t always on the agenda for Nicole - she originally had her eye on making furniture, shoes or spectacle frames - she has always had a passion for designs which are simple yet innovative.

“I was always drawn to the way buildings make you feel in or around them, and how they can challenge or conform to our perceptions of space,” she said. 

“I am an intensely curious person, so I find the design process very engaging.

“I enjoy problem-solving within constraints … it is very satisfying to arrive at a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, serves its purpose well.”

While she does not consider herself a true Darwin local yet, Nicole is inspired by the Top End's unique climate and landscape.   

“Having lived here for nine years I have a passion for tropical design, as well as socially and environmentally sustainable work,” she said.

“I am also interested in urban planning, and community and public spaces.”

In the future she hopes to be involved in small but impactful building projects that add something to Darwin’s urban fabric, inspired by some of the city’s current structures.  

“My favourites here include the Melaleuca Refugee Centre, a Darwin breezeblock icon and understated gem, the Raffles Plaza, Marrakai Apts and the sadly demolished Chan building," she said.