Evolution course makes online adaptation


MOOC host Dr Stephen Reynolds explains the wonders of natural selection

MOOC host Dr Stephen Reynolds explains the wonders of natural selection

An award-winning open online course created by Charles Darwin University has launched on iTunes.

Anyone interested in naturalist Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, his legacy, and Tropical Australia can now access free course materials from the store’s online repository.

“Charles Darwin, Evolution and Tropical Australia” is a four-part Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that includes a range of stimulating, interactive online tools.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic Professor Martin Carroll said people could now access the materials at any time instead of waiting for the next MOOC to run live over a set period.

“The course launch on iTunes U reflects CDU’s commitment to providing easily accessible online education to the public that is both sophisticated and engaging,” Professor Carroll said.

“CDU has reaffirmed its commitment to staying at the forefront of online education and information sharing.”

CDU MOOC coordinator Karin Pfister said high school teachers in science and biology would be notified of the course’s launch on iTunes to use as teaching aids.

She said the widespread access would further promote CDU’s Environment Science programs and research.

The course takes users around the world on Darwin’s vessel, the HMS Beagle, explaining his discoveries and using animation videos on natural selection along the way.

CDU received two awards, including the Exemplary Course Award, for its MOOC at the annual Blackboard Catalyst Awards earlier this year.

The course can be accessed on iTunes U at: https://itunes.apple.com/au/institution/charles-darwin-university/id845384396

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