Report into global unis: CDU a ‘rising star’


Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Maddocks:

Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Maddocks: "Long-term vision".

A new international report into higher education has identified Charles Darwin University as a “rising star” among an elite group of 20 universities, with the potential to become globally influential by 2030.

The report released this month by UK higher education consultant Firetail lists a set of fast-improving global universities they call “the Class of 2030”.

Universities described as “ambitious and fast-improving” were best placed to take advantage of global trends that created unique opportunities for innovation, the report said.

Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Maddocks said he endorsed the view of the report authors, who had observed that the difference between the winners and losers over the next few decades would be “strategy”.

“Naturally I’m delighted to hear that we feature strongly in an independent report that has cast its gaze around the world and into the future,” Professor Maddocks said.

“They note that the rising class of 2030 will balance long-term vision with short-term execution, linked by strong management and culture.

“We echo similar sentiments in our new strategic plan ‘Connect Discover Grow’, which is based on our own recent comprehensive institutional review.”

Professor Maddocks said that the Firetail report was the product of a multi-faceted approach that included reviews of strategic plans, annual reports and interviews with vice-chancellors and presidents.

“They also analysed six years of research citation rankings for the top 2000 universities,” he said.

Earlier this year Charles Darwin University was ranked in 31st place on the Times Higher Education rankings of the world’s “Top 150 Universities Under 50 years of age”.

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