Delegates to explore frontiers of computer maths


Keynote speaker Professor Michael Fellows and conference co-organiser Professor Frances Rosamond

An international computer science conference at Charles Darwin University in August will examine how music, art and story-telling can be used to expand the frontiers of mathematics.

Computer science educators and researchers from India, Japan, New Zealand, Europe and the Americas will join several Australian presenters at CDU’s Casuarina campus to deliver keynote addresses and chair workshops at the five-day conference, from 2 August.

These include professors Tim Bell (Uni of Canterbury), Ramaswamy Ramanujam (Chennai’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences), Ulrike Stege (Uni of Victoria, Canada), CDU’s own Professor Michael Fellows and Griffith University’s Dr Chris Matthews.

Co-organiser Professor Frances Rosamond said each speaker was renowned for their ability to creatively communicate mathematical ideas.

“Not only are they at the forefront in their field but they are all passionate about the importance of communicating maths science to teachers and children.”

Professor Rosamond said delegates would be well advised to bring along their “thinking hats”.

“We will examine how mathematical thinking strategies nurture teaching and learning competencies in the 21st Century,” she said.

“And we’ll look at the process of sharing unsolved maths problems and the frontiers of computer science and maths.”

Professor Rosamond said it was increasingly important for mathematical educators and researchers to develop a greater interest in maths and computer science among students and the wider population.

“The conference will look at the new paradigm of mathematical outreach in the world. How do we foster curiosity, develop perseverance and inspire new research questions?

“Just about wherever you look in modern society you will see evidence of computer maths. It plays important roles in economics, health, government and industry, yet it is not a recognised topic in many schools.”

Professor Rosamond said the conference had won the support of Internet giant Google.

“Google has signed on as major sponsor and have asked how they can assist us to make it internationally available, possibly with a You Tube channel.”

The First International Conference on Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication will be held at Charles Darwin University in two stages: 2-5 August and 6-10 August.



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