Local seafood a great catch this festive season


Chadd Mumme recommends eating locally caught fish for Christmas

Chadd Mumme recommends eating locally caught fish for Christmas

Territorians have a range of fresh locally caught seafood on offer to create a unique dining experience this Christmas.

Charles Darwin University Aquaculture lecturer Chadd Mumme advised shoppers to examine the eyes, gut cavity and gills of a fish to determine whether it had been freshly caught and well-handled.

“Look for a fish with bright, clear eyes and firm flesh with a clear shine on its scales,” he said.

“Red gills and an ocean-like smell are also good guides for a fresh fish.”

Mr Mumme said tropical fish from NT waters were deliciously crisp and easy on the palate, unlike fish species from temperate and cold waters.

He said fish that were in-season this Christmas included red snapper, golden snapper, saddletail snapper, goldband snapper, black jewfish and Spanish mackerel.

“You can’t beat a fresh fish; it’s definitely the best way to eat it,” he said.

He said similar rules applied when determining the freshness of crustaceans.

“Crustaceans should look fresh and smell like the sea.”

Mr Mumme said that another way to ensure the freshness of seafood was to buy locally.

“When you buy locally, you support the local industry and put money back into the economy,” he said.

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