Exhibition on light and identity


Stephanie Martin uses light to bring common household objects to life

Stephanie Martin uses light to bring common household objects to life

An exhibition exploring light and identity through multimedia and photographic instillations will open at Charles Darwin University’s Nan Giese Gallery today (Thursday, 25 May).

The merged exhibitions of “Lighting the Pass: the object as lens” and “FLUID” by two Bachelor of Creative Arts and Industries (Honours) students challenge issues such as gender identity and materialism in our everyday lives.

In “Lighting the Pass: the object as lens”, artist Stephanie Martin uses light to bring common household objects to life, using photography and video to express the objects’ beauty beyond their mundane materiality.

“For this project, I wanted to highlight the material burden of the mass-produced object in our world,” Stephanie said. “Using light’s transformative quality, there is the potential to perceive beyond the physical as a beacon for change.”

In “FLUID”, award winning filmmaker Alexandra Edmondson provides a glimpse into a multi-media work currently in development about the Sistergirls of the Tiwi Islands.

“FLUID is a meditation on gender-fluid identity,” Alexandra said. “As a filmmaker I am driven by an interest in the power of narrative storytelling and this work represents how different aspects of people’s lives merge through their relationship to themselves, their culture and to the wider world.”

Alexandra began her career working in development for Baz Luhrmann's company Bazmark, before making her writing and directing debut with her short film The Burnt Cork, a confronting portrayal of 1950s rural Australia.

Since then she has written and directed numerous short films and documentaries that have screened at local and international film festivals, attracting awards and nominations. Her most recent feature screenplay, Tivoli, was shortlisted for the prestigious Sundance Screenwriting Lab.

The exhibition of multimedia works will open at the CDU Nan Giese Gallery, Casuarina campus on Thursday, 25 May at 5pm and will run until 31 May. To make an appointment to view the exhibition contact Alex on T: 0403 014 612 or Stephanie on T: 0475 381 170.

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