Artists uncover hidden worlds outside Darwin


CDU visual arts lecturer Sarah Pirrie created the work, “Above water”, as part of the exhibition

CDU visual arts lecturer Sarah Pirrie created the work, “Above water”, as part of the exhibition

A visual arts lecturer has combined her passions for creativity and environmental science in a series of works celebrating a fragile Darwin hinterland ecosystem.

Charles Darwin University lecturer Sarah Pirrie said she hoped to raise awareness about carnivorous plants living in the Howard Sand Plains in the Howard River region during a gallery floor talk on Thursday.

Ms Pirrie is also studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science at CDU and is one of five artists featuring in the Nomad Art Gallery group exhibition, “Secret World: Carnivorous plants of the Howard sand sheets”.

“One of my interests is in environmental science and it seemed like a lovely match for me to be part of this exhibition,” Ms Pirrie said.

“We hope the artists’ floor talks will lead to a broader discussion about what the community sees as Darwin’s future in terms of environment management and developing the North.”

The gallery owners took the artists to the Howard Sand Plains earlier this year to view the carnivorous plants, known as bladderworts, and gain inspiration for the exhibition.

Ms Pirrie said she was amazed by the area’s unique environment, washed in vibrant green sedges and dotted with tiny bladderwort flowers of bright yellows and purples with red stems.

“It’s a micro-world that is incredibly beautiful and delicate,” she said.

The group also viewed the bladderworts through a microscope back in the studio to gain a better understanding of their carnivorous root systems.

Ms Pirrie and artists, Jacqueline Gribbin, Jasmine Jan, Karen Mills and Winsome Jobling will present at the gallery floor talk along with Greening Australia environmental scientist Emma Lupin.

The gallery floor talk will be held at Nomad Art Gallery on Thursday, 12 November from 5.30pm until 8pm.

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