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Program facilitators Wendy Taleo and Sue Tucker. Background image Rodion Kutsaev.

Program facilitators Wendy Taleo and Sue Tucker. Background image Rodion Kutsaev.

Two innovative CDU Alice Springs staff with an interest in educational technology have launched an online professional development program designed to raise digital literacy skills.

Education Strategy Team members Sue Tucker and Wendy Taleo said “23 Digital Things” would be presented over 23 weeks with a post each week introducing one Thing.

“CDU staff and anyone else in the wider world may participate by accessing the open website, reading through the content and completing an activity,” Ms Tucker said.

“Thing 3, which will be launched this Wednesday, 29 May, is all about Blogging – an opportunity to setup a blog and start sharing your professional development activities.

“The program is designed to improve people’s confidence in a world where we all need skills to manage the parts of our lives that are online.”

Ms Taleo said there had always been a need to learn about digital knowledge and participation in this program was designed to be inclusive, creating a community of interested people, while developing their digital skills. 

“Among the Things are blogging, online collaboration, apps for efficient work, using social media, professional reflection and a whole lot more,” she said.

“Do all 23 Things or just those that interest you. Participate at your own pace in this free and flexible program.”

Ms Taleo said the aim was for participants to choose a little time each week to expand their digital literacy.”

Click here to access the program: W: 23things.cdu.edu.au/

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