Assoc Professor Sivaram (Ram) Vemuri

BEcs., MA(Econ), PhD(Econ), FAIM

Associate Professor in Economics

Sivaram (Ram) Vemuri brings to the Economics discipline a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working in several academic and administrative roles in England, India, Jordan, Papus New Guinea and Australia since 1978.

Particular strength includes developing, implementing and building a reputation as an academic of international standing in applying economic theory to real world issues.

A key strength is his experience in analysing complex issues related to development matters, formulating interdisciplinary approaches and developing comprehensive strategies for enterprise development.

He provides advice on policy matters to enable sustainable development in remote, regional and indigenous lands.

Ram's research and consultancy capabilities are demonstrated by his working as a principal investigator in several research funded projects and several consultancies funded by International, Commonwealth and Territory Governments as well as the private sector.  He is also an excellent communicator of economic ideas as evidenced by being a recipient of the Best Teacher awards in Jordan and Australia, and conducting numerous workshops on enterprise development.

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Subjects taught at University

I have taught in a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate units within the field of Business in a number of tertiary institutions, both in Australia, as well as internationally. These are listed below:

1.         Economic Development,
2.         Regional Development,
3.         Statistics/ Quantitative Analysis/ Econometrics,
4.         Health Economics,
5.         Macroeconomics,
6.         Microeconomics
7.         Advanced Economics
8.         Economic Policy
9.         International Health and Development
10.       Economic Planning
11.       Role of Indigenous Knowledge in decision-making,
12.       Natural Resource Economics including waste management,
13.       Remote and Rural economies,
14.       Spatial Economics with emphasis on Desert Regions,
15.       Labour and Aged Care issues
16.       Research methodology


Current Areas of Research

  • Cost of Silence in workplaces
  • Diaspora Business
  • Sustainable Livelihoods

Funded Research

  1.  Australian Research Council Grants

           a.      2011-2013 ($200,000)
                     Chief Investigator, “Health Promoting Capacities of Arts Centres in APY Lands” (In collaboration with Flinders University)
           b.       2008-2010 ($320,000)
                     Chief Investigator, “Natural Resource Management and Enterprise Development: can they improve Indigenous Livelihoods” (In collaboration with      Livelihoods Group at CDU)

  2. Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Grants

            a.      2005 – 2008 ($20,000)
                     Chief Investigator “Enterprise Development in the Desert- Desert Businesses” (In collaboration with University of South Australia, Curtin University)

            b.      2003-2005 ($80,000)
                      Chief Investigator “Visible approaches to Governance, Leadership and Management for collaborative relationships and sustainable communities in      Desert Regions” (In collaboration with Batchelor Institute)

  3.  Enterprise Connect, Commonwealth of Australia ($20,000)

              a.     2006
                      Chief Investigator, “Enhancing Regional Economic Environments through economic clusters for Small to Medium enterprises in Alice Springs”

  4.  Wellcome Trust Grant ($450,000)
                       Collaborator with Menzies School of Health Research (along with Dr. R. Price and Prof N.J. White of Menzies School of Health Research and Health  Economics team from London School of Tropical Medicine), Research Career Development Fellowship in Clinical Tropical Medicine

Research Consultancies since 2000

Review of the Management Program in the School of Management, Universiti Sans, Penang, Malaysia, January 2015

Barriers to Business Investments on Indigenous Lands 2007- 2008, NTG     
The report identified the need to bring a methodology of assessment away from barriers approach to Investments on Indigenous lands.

Management of Royalty money through Trusts in one of the WA Indigenous communities 2008, Dambimangari|
As a member of a multidisciplinary team, I prepared a sustainable plan for investing money received from trusts in a Western Australian Indigenous community

Evaluation of the Implementation of the NTPS Indigenous Employment and Career Development Strategy 2002-2006
Based on extensive consultation of NT government agencies a report was prepared that included recommendations for developing the next Indigenous Economic Development Strategy for the Northern Territory Public Sector.

Business support for contract mine site rehabilitation, Tiwi Islands, 2008, National Heritage Trust & Matilda mines
I was a lead member of the multidisciplinary team to prepare a sustainable business plan for establishing a garden nursery involving mine rehabilitation activity.

Social and Economic Indicators of the Impact of Mine in the Gove Peninsula, January 2007, ALCAN, Gove
This involved extensive focus group discussions with Indigenous people in preparing a socio-economic impact of the mine expansion.

Scoping Study of the factors and impediments for low Indigenous labour force participation in the NTPS, July 2006, Office of the Commissioner of Employment
The report recommended the steps to be undertaken by NT public sector for increasing Indigenous employment.

Evaluation of Remote Workforce Development Strategy in the Northern Territory, March 2006, Office of the commissioner for Public Employment
Report identified the challenges of operating in remote communities of the Territory.

Estimating the Value of Indigenous Performing Arts in the Territory, 2005, Teams for Tasks
The report identified the economic contribution of indigenous performing arts in the Territory.

Survey of the audits of the NT Auditor General’s office, Northern Territory, 2004, Northern Territory Government, (Two-member team)
A report to the Auditor General was prepared with recommendations on how to improve services of the NT Auditor General’s office.

Examination of the business potential for developing regional banking services in the Territory, 2004, Territory Insurance Office
This was an exploratory study with options and option appraisal of expansion of Territory Insurance office in providing regional banking activities.

Economic Impact Assessments of the Bradshaw Field Training Area, 2004, Australian Defence Force
A commonwealth project that examined the economic impact of the Bradshaw Field Training area.

A project in examining the economic impact of the presence of TELSTRA to the NT economy, 2004, (Two member team), TELSTRA
The objective was to research, develop, write and present an economic impact of Telstra's activities in NT.

Socio-Economic Impact Assessments in the Mining Sector, 2003, MRM
Using the Impact Assessment methodology guidelines of the International Association of Impact Assessment, the project discussed the social and economic impacts of mine expansion.

Investment Promoting Programs for small to medium sized enterprises and businesses in remote locations as well as indigenous businesses, 2003, Northern Territory Government
Challenges of establishing businesses in remote communities were the main focus of this study.

Parliamentarians and International Trading System under WTO, 2002, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)
I was the facilitator of the parliamentary delegation of the CPA in St Lucia- the Caribbean- which discussed the role of parliamentarians in WTO negotiations. I reported on the discussions to the Commonwealth Secretariat in England.

Sustainability of Recycling and Economic Impact of Container Deposit Legislation, 2001, Beverage Industries council
I conducted an economic and financial analysis of the container deposit proposal. Based on the findings, I recommended that CDL should not be introduced in the NT.

Indigenous Labour Market Study, 2000, NTG
As a member of a team that identified the need to construct labour market data for Indigenous communities using community activities rather than occupational classifications based on ILO methodology.

Consultancies prior 2000

  1. Development of the SACCAR Natural Resources Research Strategic Plan, Joint program funded by USAID, SADAC, Southern Africa
  2.  Methodologies for Natural Resource Sectors, Southern African Development Corporation
  3.  Mapping Existing Health and Community Services Flows, NTG
  4. Co-operative Problem Solving of Health Issues Between Institutions, NTG
  5. Urban Ecology Project, Gainesville, Florida,
  6. The Green Swamp Study, Orlando, Florida,
  7.  Making Sustainable Development Matter, Gainesville, Florida

Research Supervision

  • Successfully supervised over 20 research students so far, including recently in 2017:-


Kussudyarsana. The Role of Governance in the Economic Performance of Small to Medium Sized Family Enterprises in Indonesia

Meika Kurnia Puji Rahayu. Information and Communication Technology Use in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Business Schools: A Comparative Case Study

Rachmat Hidayat. The Governance of Allocating Resources for the Health and Education Sectors in a Decentralized Mode of Government: A Case study on Two Indonesian Local Governments


Chureerat Haq. An investigation of the application of social enterprise business models in Thailand

  • Current supervision of the following:
  1. Doctor of Philosophy, Mapping the health promotion aspects of Art Centres in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, in collaboration with Flinders University, Maree Meredith
  2. Master of Business (by Research), Cross Border Trading: Dispute resolution through Trading, Carlos Alves



Bopelo, B., Vemuri S.R. (2017) ‘Conceptualizing strategic alignment between curriculum and pedagogy through a learning design framework’ International Journal for Academic Development DOI: 10.1080/1360144X.2017.1367298

Moss, S., Vemuri, S.R., Hedley, D. and Uljarevic, M. (2017) ‘Initiatives that diminish the biases of recruiters against people who disclose or demonstrate a diagnosed mental disorder’. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 36(1), pp. 2–16.   Doi: 10.1108/edi-05-2016-0037.

Gorman, J. and Vemuri, S. (2017). A precursor to entrepreneurialism on Aboriginal Lands of the Northern Territory of Australia. International Journal of Entrepreneurship, Volume 21 (1), pp. 16-31.

Muhammad Karyana, Angela Devine, Enny Kenangalem, Lenny Burdarm, Jeanne Rini Poespoprodjo, Ram Vemuri, Nichoals M. Anstey, Emiliana Tjitra, Ric N. Price, and Shunmay Yeung (2016) ‘Treatment-Seeking behavior and associated costs for malaria in Papua, Indonesia,’ Malaria Journal, 15 :356, DOI 10.1186/s12936-016-1588-8


Billias, N & Vemuri, S. Ram (2017). The Ethics of Silence: An Interdisciplinary Case Analysis Approach, Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN 978-3-319-50381-3

Research Reports with other Universities and Organisations

Rola-Rubzen M. F., Newman W., Burritt R. L., Mapunda G., Norris G., & Vemuri, S.R., (2010) ‘Identifying clever ways of creating and supporting better livelihoods for desert Australia, DKCRC Research Report 73, Desert Knowledge CRC, Alice Springs

Kane, J. & Vemuri, S. Ram., (2008) ‘What The Economic Crisis Means to Child Labour’, Impact of Economic Crisis on Children, Draft Working Paper Prepared for UNICEF Conference East Asia and the Pacific Islands, 6-7 January, Singapore.

Vemuri, S. Ram, White, C.& Yu, Ting., (2006) ‘Evaluation of the Remote Workforce Development Strategy’, Northern Territory Government, Australia

Vemuri, S. Ram & Morris, M., (2003) ‘A Survey of the NT Auditor – General’s Office, NT Auditor General, Northern Territory Government, Australia

Vemuri, S.R., (2003) “Sustainability of Recycling in the NT”, Beverage Industry Environment Council, NSW

Vemuri, S.R., & Parsons, G., (2002) Future Scenario Paper on Closing the Loop, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Canberra

Vemuri, S.R. & Parsons, G., (2001) Background Paper: From Issues to Topics, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Canberra

Vemuri, S.R. & Parsons, G., (2001) Future Scenario Paper on Past, Present and Future of Commonwealth Parliamentarians, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Canberra

Research Publications (2016-2014)

Yuejen Zhao, Siva R Vemuri and Dinesh Arya (2016). The Economic benefits of eliminating Indigenous health inequality in the Northern Territory  | Med J Aust 2016; 205 (6): 266-269.

 Maria Elo & Sivaram Vemuri (2016) Organizing mobility: a case study of Bukharian Jewish diaspora, Diaspora Studies, 9:2, 179-193.

S. Ram Vemuri (2016). Contrasting Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Ways of Thinking about Capacity Building for Achieving Sustainable Development in Katia Iankova, Azizul Hassan and Rachel L’Abbé (Eds.) Indigenous people and economic development: an international perspective, Gower Publishing Limited, Surrey, UK, 25-42.

S. Ram Vemuri (2016). Tracing the History of Diaspora Business in Maria Elo & Liesl Riddle (Eds.) Diaspora Business, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK, 18-27.

Aki Harima & Sivaram Vemuri (2015). Diaspora Business Model Innovation. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation, 11:1, 29-52

S. Ram Vemuri (2015). Economics and Diaspora, in Tine Vinkemans & Natasha Miletic (Eds.) Discovering Diasporas: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK, 23-36.

S. Ram Vemuri (2014). Managing Environmental Justice in Democratic Societies, in Maciej Nyka & Emma Scheider (Eds.) Enacting Environmental justice, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK, 3-15.

S. Ram Vemuri (2014). Role of Economics through Culture and Identity. A comparative Narrative of India and Australia, in D. Gopal & Alan Mayne (Eds.) , Pentagon Press, New Delhi, India, 286-295.

Vemuri, S. (2014). Formation of Diaspora Entrepreneurs. Zentra Working Papers in Transnational Studies 41/2014 (November 2014).

 A full list of publications prior to 2014 can be made available upon request.

Refereed Conference Papers Published in Proceedings

Trevor Le Livre & Vemuri, S.R., (2007) ‘Linking, Energy, Poverty and Sustainable Development: Timor Sea Gas’, Proceedings of the 30th Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 125-155
Bandias, S. & Vemuri, S.R., (2003) ‘Sustainable Development of Information Infrastructure in Rural and Remote Communities’, Conference Papers on International Telecommunications Society’s Asia- Australasian Regional Conference, 22-24 June, Perth, W.A, 1-12
Vemuri, S.R. (1998) ‘Managing Environmental Impacts’, Our Natural Environment: Interdisciplinary Interactions, Interdisciplinary Environmental Association Proceedings, 12, 139-145
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Vemuri, S. R. & Beaver, C., (1990) ‘Nursing and Economics: Is there an ethical Dilemma?’Proceedings of Mental Health Nursing conference, Royal College of Nursing, Australia, pp. 69 –91

Awards & Representations

Teaching Awards

  • Northern Territory University Higher Education Award for Excellence in Teaching, Darwin, Australia, 1994
  • Best Teacher Award, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, 1985

Awards Received for Contribution to the Community

  • Most outstanding contribution to the International Interdisciplinary Environmental Association, Washington D.C., 1996
  • Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise, Darwin

Guest and Media Presentations

  • Country Women's Association of the NT
  • Palliative Care Unit at Royal Darwin Hospital
  • Asthma Foundation
  • Rotary Clubs in Darwin, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek
  • ABC Radio National and Territory FM
  • The Australian, The NT News and Business Review Weekly

Seminars and Workshop Presentations

Presentations at Seminars and workshops


  1. Challenges affecting the operation of businesses in desert Australia,  Business & Economics Society International Conference, Athens, Greece, July 2-5, 2010
  2. Significance of Environmental Impacts on Leadership: Lessons from an Examination of Leadership in an Indigenous Academic Context, First Global Conference on Leadership in Post- School Education, Prague, Czech Republic, March 21-23, 2005.
  3. Some reflections about the future issues concerning economic development in Jordan, Catholique Universitie, Louvain, Belgium, 1985
  1. Managing Knowledge Pluralism, Second Conference on Critical issues: Interculturalism, Vienna, December 2004.
  2. Economic Reform Through Globalisation of the Labour Market, International Institute Development Studies Australia in collaboration with the Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies, Orissa, India, January, 2003.
  3. Developing Guidelines for Modelling Environmental Assessments, International Association of Impact Assessment, Hong Kong, May, 2000
  4. Indigenous Knowledge, Technology Adaptation and Environment Education, Interdisciplinary Environmental Association (IEA), Rhode Island, USA. 1996.
  5. Indigenous Knowledge and Impact Assessments, session convenor, organiser and discussant in the "Indaba" sessions, International Association of Impact Assessment, Durban, South Africa, 1995.
  6. Making Environment Matter, Environmental Economics, Session 4, Interdisciplinary Environmental Association (IEA), Boston, USA 1995
  7. Adaptive Holism, paper presented at International Association of Impact Assessment, Montreal, Canada, 1994.
  8. Making Sustainable Development Matter, paper presented at Make Florida Beautiful, Orlando, Florida, 1993.
  9. The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Sustainability, Colloquium presented to Departments of Anthropology, Economics and Resource Management Institute, University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1993.
  10. Valuing Wildlife, paper presented to Department of Wildlife and Range Sciences, School of Forestry Resources Centre, University of Florida, Gainesville, 1993.
  11. Economic Pluralism, Sustainability and Impact Methodologies, paper presented at the International Association for Impact Assessment, World Bank, Washington, 1992.
  12. Inadequacy of Indicator Approach to Ecological Economics, paper presented at Schumacher College, Totnes, Devon, England, 1991.
  13. A Macroeconomic Scenario of Low Income Asian and Africa in 2000 A.D., paper presented at the 33rd International Congress of Asian and North African Studies, University of Toronto, Canada, 1990.
  14. Economic Policies pertaining to Foreign Enterprises in PNG: An ethical Dimension, Waigani Seminar on Ethics of Development, University of Papua New Guinea, 1986.
  15. Renewable Energies, Rural Environments, And Development Strategies, National conference on Energy, Port Moresby, 1986
  16. Fellow, Salzburg Seminar Series, Session 241, Socio-economic Achievements and Shortcomings, 1985
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  1. Regional Planning in Developing Countries - Meaning and Content, Western Regional Science Association, Corondo, Sandiego, California, 1985
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  3. Why Developing countries are still developing? And what should they be doing about it? 21st International Summer seminar, Institute of Economy of Developing countries, East Berlin, 1984
  4. Demo-educational Model of Jordan: Some preliminary estimates of student’s demands for elementary cycle education (1981 - 2000), National conference on compulsory cycle education in Jordan: Realities and Perspectives, Amman, Jordan, 1984.
  5. Economic Integration as a development strategy in the Arab World, International Summer Seminar on Arab Economic Integration, Algiers, 1984
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  11. Diaspora Entrepreneurship - A structured response to modern migration, New Delhi, December 2016.  Watch the interview on YouTube


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  26. Impact of Australian Aid on the Domestic Savings of Papua New Guinea, International Association for Impact Assessment, Griffith University, 1989.


Dr Ram Vemuri


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