Dr Abhishek Shukla

PhD (Strategic Management); BSc (Honours); NYFA Alumnus

Lecturer in Management & Marketing

Dr Abhishek Shukla holds a Doctor of Philosophy in International Business and Strategic Management from the reputed Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, Australia. He is a research active staff member with CDU Business School.

His teaching and administrative experience at CDU is substantial and has included lecturing in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Working within the management and marketing theme, he has developed and successfully delivered several marketing units

He has held important positions within the Business School in the last six years which includes course coordinator of Bachelor of Commerce program for three years, Chair of the School Research committee and currently he is an active member of the School Teaching and Learning Committee.

Dr Shukla has consulted multiple local businesses and has contributed to the local community through his interest in films, media and theatre.

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Research Interests

  • Born Globals
  • Internationalization of firms
  • SMEs


Academic Publications
Shukla, A., and Weiss, A. (2016). The Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises from Remote Australia: Emergence of Local Born Globals. Thunderbird International Business Review, Forthcoming.      
Shukla, A (2015). Value of the Not for Profit Sector in Australia - a Northern Territory Perspective. Proceedings of 2015 Las Vegas Global Conference on Business and Finance. (Competitive Paper Category)
Shukla, A., Dow, J.D. and Misra, R. (2012). Empirical Analysis of Distinct Entry Mode Strategies among Service Firms: Case Studies from Australia. Journal of Comparative International Management, 15(1), 6 – 19. Best Paper Award
Shukla, A. and Dow, J.D. (2011) Post-entry advancement of international service firms in Australia: A longitudinal approach. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 26(3), 268-278.
Shukla, A. (2009), “Post Entry Development of Service Firms in Overseas Host Market: Pace and Nature of Change in Resource Commitment”, Proceedings of 35th European International Business Academy, Valencia, Spain. (Competitive Paper Category).
Shukla, A. (2009), “Variations in Resource Commitment of International Service Firms in Australia”, Proceedings of 7th Workshop on International Business and Cultural Management, Helsinki, Finland. (Best Student Paper Award).

Conference Presentations

Academic Conferences Presentations

  • Global conference on Business and Finance,  Las Vegas, USA – January 2015                                                           
  • Academy of International Business, Washington DC, USA - June 2012
  • Academy of International Business, Atlantic City, USA - October,2011
  • Academy of International Business, Nagoya, Japan - June 2011
  • 35th European International Business Academy, Valencia, Spain - December 2009                                               
  • AIB Symposium on International Business, Melbourne, Australia - November 2009
  • 7th Workshop on International Business and Cultural Management, Helsinki, Finland - September 2009
  • 34th European International Business Academy, Tallinn, Estonia - December 2008
Dr Abhishek Shukla


T: 08 8946 8836
E: abhishek.shukla@cdu.edu.au

CDU Business School
Waterfront campus
Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT 0800