Mohamed Elgendi

Photo of Mohamed Elgendi“I enjoy coming up with new ideas to improve current healthcare technologies. Finding solutions that are simple and more efficient than the existing ones makes my job more challenging but enjoyable.”

Mohamed Elgendi is a shining example of what can be achieved by Charles Darwin University graduates. Following an extensive trail of research work in the Bio Medical Engineering field, he was recently awarded a prestigious two-year Mining for Miracles Fellowship at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada.

Mohamed graduated from CDU in 2012 with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. This complemented his Master of Engineering (Electrical), which was completed at CDU in 2006.

Before studying at CDU, Mohamed worked as a teaching assistant at October 6 University and the Higher Institute of Engineering in Egypt.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Mohamed began seeking opportunities for international postgraduate studies, which led him to Charles Darwin University. “CDU was one of my top choices as it has a respectable engineering department and it is located in beautiful Australia. I was honoured with a scholarship from Charles Darwin University, Australia to pursue my Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering,” Mohamed said.

By the end of his Master’s degree, Mohamed was awarded an Australian Government International Postgraduate Research Scholarship and continued his studies towards his Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering.  “Getting a PhD from CDU was a door opener to great opportunities. During my PhD I was working in Nanyang Technological University Singapore as a research associate,” he said. Two years later he worked at the University of Alberta in Canada as a Postdoctoral Fellow, and then in 2015 he joined the University of British Columbia as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Mohamed said he “had a great experience at CDU”.

“I met and worked with academics who helped me with writing and how to formulate my scientific problem. I also taught courses, supervised students, applied for grants, and published scientific papers. The accommodation facility on campus was fantastic and convenient. It kept me focused and I met great friends that I am still in contact with,” he said.

“I value the support that I received from CDU; it is priceless. CDU supported my Masters and PhD degree by providing me with generous scholarships. During these degrees, CDU supported my path and encouraged me to do better. Even now, after graduation, CDU continues to support my achievements and academic growth,” Mohamed said.

He said the support he received at CDU enriched his career and encouraged him to give back to his students. “Having a mentor who cares about you and your future is very important. While I was studying at CDU, I had multiple mentors who enriched me with great academic advice,” he said.

“During my PhD, I was a part-time lecturer at CDU and I had the opportunity to teach and mentor students. CDU students are dedicated and care; to me as a mentor this is essential because we all shared the desire to succeed,” Mohamed said.

“CDU student feedback was very positive regarding my teaching and mentorship development, which encouraged me to continue mentoring. As an academic, it is essential for my success as a teacher, researcher, and scientist. In fact, mentoring benefits both me as a mentor and the students, encouraging the next generation of scholars,” he said.

When asked what advice he could give to graduates interested in a career in science, Mohamed said: “My advice is to find a mentor who has a passion for science, has a nice personality, and who believes in your abilities. Keep learning and spend your money on conferences, workshops, and seminars. I learned so much from attending these events.”

Mohamed also enjoys staying connected with his peers and credits the alumni network to presenting many opportunities. “The CDU alumni network will connect the graduates and current students with amazing opportunities. For example, as alumni I can help CDU students to find internships here at UBC or provide remote mentorship. I can also write scientific articles in CDU newsletters when I have interesting results to share. Moreover, as an alumni I can represent CDU here in BC to establish a channel of collaboration between CDU and UBC,” he said.

The opportunity to develop new ideas to improve current healthcare technologies was among the highlights of his work. “Finding new solutions that are simple and more efficient than the existing ones makes my job more challenging but enjoyable.”

While Mohamed’s biggest academic achievement to date is winning the Mining for Miracles Fellowship at UBC and demonstrating his research to the Singaporean Minister of Health, he said his most prized achievement was fatherhood. “My biggest achievement is having my beautiful baby girl, Maya. It is true, this is my biggest achievement in life,” he said.