Mikey Boyce

VET Lecturer in Multimedia and Screen

I am a creative producer both, visually and musically with a strong focus on regional and remote community development, through the facilitation of its member’s ability to communicate (tell their story) via creative and conventional means.

Interests and achievements

The key focus of my latest productions and research is on the empowering effects of communication for those who are marginalised and not heard, and the opportunity this creates for the empowerment of these individuals and the grass roots improvements it can offer to the community with regards to social justice, such as the reduction in crime.

I have a strong interest in social justice issues, and I presented a paper on the continued victimisation of indigenous communities through the imposition of the NTER (intervention) legislation, that is soon to be published.

As an Art Therapist I have found through facilitating reflexivity in individuals who through circumstance or through degenerative disease, one can help the individual or group of individuals enjoy a better quality of life through the greater appropriate social interactivity and resulting social inclusion, sense of belonging. As such I found enhancing others creative energy is profoundly satisfying.

As a visual and musical producer I have participated in my own individual exhibitions (The Politics of Extinction) in Victoria, and Western Australia (Flowers in the Garden). I have also been a performer, and assisted as an assistant director in exhibitions, and performances in Warrnambool, Port fairy, Darwin, Cairns, and here in Alice Springs.


T: +61 8 8959 5228

E: mikey.boyce@cdu.edu.au

Alice Spings Campus
Building 12, Level 1, Room 1