Get start with your enrolment

Getting startedIf you are a new student at CDU starting a new course, it’s important that you follow these steps and ensure you are ready to start when teaching commences.

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Respond to your offer

How do I accept my offer?

SATAC: If your offer is your first preference, SATAC will have already accepted your offer on your behalf. If your offer is for a lower preference you need to accept your offer by logging in to My Application on the SATAC Website.

MyNextCourse: Visit MyNextCourse to accept your offer.

CDU will send you an email providing you with enrolment information including your student number.

Prepare to enrol

I have studied before - can I apply for credit?

If you have already completed units at another university or as part of another course at CDU, you may wish to apply for credit in your new course. To apply, submit the Credit Transfer eForm together with the supporting documents.

See Advanced Standing for further information.

Past study at CDU (or formerly NTU)

If you've studied at CDU no supporting documentation is required.

Past study at other institutions

You will need to complete the Credit Transfer eForm and attach:

  • a copy of your Academic Transcript
  • a unit outline, providing content of the units undertaken.

Assessment of your application can take up to 4 weeks, it is important you submit this as soon as you can after accepting your offer. The outcome of your application may determine the units that you enrol in.

Activate your computer account

The offer email you will receive contains your student ID number. You will need this number for every step along the way, ensure you have this handy. 

Your student number becomes your User ID/Username when you log on to the University systems.

To activate your computer account, visit My Computer Account, click on 'activate my computer account', and enter the required details.

Your username and password give you access to various information services provided by CDU, including:

Find out more about your computer account and internet usage at CDU.

Check your study plan and select your units

To find your study plan visit the course catalogue, search for your course and then select the 'Study Plan' tab.

It may be a good idea to bookmark this page or write down the unit codes you wish to enrol in. This will help you with your next step.

If you are not strictly following the study plan, the below information may be of help when selecting units:

  • Ensure Common Units are completed in the first year of study
  • Maintain the basic order in which units are to be attempted
  • When selecting electives choose from the correct level. The first number of the code gives the level at which the subject is taught. For example BAC123 would be a first year unit, BAC234 would be a second year unit, etc. (Please note: for undergraduate courses there are maximum and minimum limits on the number of units you can do at the different levels, check your course structure for this information)
  • If you are studying on campus and not following the designated study plan, you will need to check the timetable to ensure you don't have any clashes before you enrol. The timetable is scheduled to ensure no core units clash within each study plan, so your electives need to fit around your core unit/s
  • Check the assumed knowledge for each unit as some 200 and 300 level units assume you have completed foundation unit/s in the subject area at a lower level. 

Decide which units you want to study externally (online) or internally (on campus)

You can choose to study a number of different ways:

  • Internal study means you come to classes on campus
  • External study means you study online via Learnline
  • Mixed mode study means you choose to study some units internally and some externally

You choose your study mode at the time you enrol in each unit. All Higher Education units offered by the University are categorised as:

  • OLR Online Reliant. Internet access is required for this unit. You are required to access study material through Learnline. Please log in to Learnline on the first day of each semester
  • OLS Online Supported. Supplementary materials are provided online via Learnline, you will require internet to access this material
  • PB Print-based. You will be sent print-based or other learning materials e.g. CDs via Australia Post (very few units have print-based learning materials)
  • ITV Intensive. Some external units may have an on campus requirement. This information will be published in the unit description

You can search the unit catalogue, or view your study plan in the course catalogue to ensure that units are offered in a mode that suits you.


You are now ready to enrol. To enrol you must login to MyStudentInfo. This is where you manage your enrolment, update your personal details, view your fees and grades and can make payments.

If you are a new student you need to follow the steps to enrol in MyStudentInfo, you can use the enrolment help guide to help you through the process. If you are a re-enrolling student you can skip to step 8 in the enrolment help guide.

Start your studies

Online Learning

Learnline is CDU's online learning environment. 

On each of the CDU webpages there is a small key icon with 'Learnline Login'  at the top right hand corner. This is how you access Learnline.

On the first day of each Semester your unit outline will appear in Learnline and your studies will commence.

Getting started with Learnline might seem daunting if you've never studied online before, but be reassured that lots of other students have also felt this way and have gone on to become successful online learners. We suggest you log in and take the Learnline tutorials to familiarise yourself with how it works and check your system requirements.

Check your timetable

For internal students only - check your class timetables (select the purple 'Timetable' button on the right-hand side of the page) and prepare your study schedule. The easiest way to access your timetable is to select 'My Timetable' from the Menu Options on the left-hand side of the page, enter your user ID (your student number with an 's' and your password) and log in.

Buy your textbooks

You can purchase your textbooks from the CDU Bookshop prior to your first day of classes. The CDU Bookshop website will tell you which books you need once you enter your unit code.

Ask CDU can also answer some questions like:

Get your Student Card

When your enrolment has been processed and confirmed, you are entitled to a Student Card.