Ukulele Ensemble (On Hold)

The Ukulele group develops basic skills like tuning, forming chords and learning strumming rhythms and gives participants the opportunity to work together in ensemble and experience making music with others.

Absolute beginners and ukulele players wanting to further the basics welcome. Ensemble activity (group playing) based lessons help to develop the musical skills of students through supportive group lesson-performances.

Separate beginner and intermediate classes depend on enrolment numbers and student ability.


Age Range10 years and over - (under 10 years possbile by audition)

Beginner to Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level will be assesed in the first two lessons


Develop ability to tune a ukulele in standard tuning

Learn 6 - 12 Ukulele chords

Learn ukulele strumming patterns and use several standard strums

Learn ukulele peices (songs), most with some with vocal accompaniment