Dr Mario Palendeng

PhD, MEng, BEng

Research Fellow, Chemical Engineering


  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Instrumentation

Membership of professional organisations

Research interests

  • Data analytics in oil and gas industry and other areas
  • Machine learning
  • Analog /Digital Signal processing
  • Non-invasive technique using bio-signal for patient monitoring

Selected publications

  • Palendeng, M, Wen, P & Li, Y 2015, "Improving the Depth of Anaesthesia Assessment Using Bayesian Based Method", IEEE Queensland Section 30th Anniversary, 18 February 2015.
  • Palendeng M.E, Wen P, Li Y, 2014, "Real time depth of anaesthesia assessment using the strong analytical signal transform technique", Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine vol. 37, no. 4, pp. 723-30.
  • Palendeng M.E, Wen P, Li Y, 2014, "Application of Bayesian Technique on Electroencephalogram Signal Analysing for Depth of Anaesthesia Assessment", CSBi Postgraduate Conference, Nov 2013, Toowoomba, QLD – Australia.
  • Palendeng M.E, Zhang Q, Pang C & Li Y, August 2012, "EEG data compression to monitor DoA in telemedicine", Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, vol. 178, pp. 163-8.
  • Palendeng M.E,  Zhang Q, & Pang C, February 2012, "EEG data compression using f-shift technique", The Big Day In, CSIRO vacation scholar conference, 1-3 February 2012, Sydney.
  • Palendeng M.E, Wen P, Goh S, "Removing Ocular artifact using stationary Wavelet Transform", Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine and the Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference (EPSM-ABEC 2011), Darwin - Australia, 14-18 August 2011.
  • Palendeng M.E, Wen P, Goh S, "Investigation of BIS Index Filtering and Improvement Using Wavelet Transform Adaptive Filter", IEEE International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering 2010 (4th IEEE-NANOMED), Hongkong, 5-9 December 2010.



T: 08 8946 6182
E: mario.palendeng@cdu.edu.au

School of Engineering and Information Technology
Building Purple 12.2.11
Charles Darwin University
Darwin, Northern Territory
Australia, 0909