Events Management and Student Recruitment team

Our Events Management and Student Recruitment team looks after the organisation of student-centred events, such as orientation days, Discover CDU, book launches, conferences, openings, public lectures and seminars with a focus on promoting CDU to prospective students, parents, career advisers, teachers, community groups and organisations.

These events, in particular Discover CDU, showcase CDU to students and external stakeholders and often involve business, community or government representatives, and senior academics.

Events Management

Services include:

  • logistics management, support or advice 
  • promotional assistance or support 
  • provision of collateral (at cost)
  • checklists and templates.

Student Recruitment 

Services include:

Request events assistance

All CDU events assistance should be requested through the Events team.

Depending on the characteristics, lead group and funding available for the event, the appropriate level of support will be allocated.

Please email Marissa Briston, Events Manager, or call 08 8946 6202 for further advice on event assistance.

Type of events

Events held at CDU can be grouped into seven broad categories.

To keep up-to-date with events and activities going on at CDU, visit our Events Calendar.

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Major Events

Events that are predominantly externally focused and likely to attract a large number of people. These events attract significant media attention and may have security implications.

Non-major events

Events that are internal by nature, are unlikely to attract a large number of people and are unlikely to attract significant media attention.

Protocol events

Events that are predominantly externally focused, hosted by the Vice-Chancellor or Chancellor (University Council) and/or involve high-level government officials, and corporate and visiting VIPs.

Student recruitment - major

Events that are multidisciplinary in nature and likely to attract significant numbers of prospective students.

Student recruitment - minor

Events that are not multidisciplinary in nature, are restricted to a single Faculty or School or geographic location or are unlikely to attract large numbers of prospective students.

Regional/local campus events

Events that have a scope restricted to the local areas to a campus and that are unlikely to attract a large number of people (relative to campus size)

Community/third party events

Events owned and managed by parties external to CDU but which are held on a CDU campus or use CDU facilities. The Office of Marketing manage numerous events throughout the year. Please see the MACE Responsibility Table for Events (PDF 234kb) outlining Tier 1 and associated events that are managed by this office.

Register your event

Register your event via our Event Registration Form. Your event details will then be published on the CDU website.

It is a requirement that all CDU events open to the general public be entered into the Events Register.



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