Off-Campus Examination Invigilation

We appreciate your assistance in agreeing to invigilate examinations for CDU.

By ageeing to conduct the examination, you agree to comply with the invigilator instructions as detailed on the examination cover sheet and with any additional direction provided by CDU. 

Please note there have been important changes recently made to the duration of CDU Examinations.

Students are provided with recommended reading time at the start of the examination session. Writing can also commence at this time.

The full duration of the examination is the combination of reading and writing times as stated on the examination paper. 

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Important Invigilation Information

By agreeing to invigilating examinations on behalf of CDU, you agree to comply with all our examination policies, the detailed invigilator instructions contained within the exam package and any additional direction provided by CDU such as:

    • upholding the integrity of the examination process by carrying out invigilation instructions as directed
    • student identification has been confirmed through photographic evidence prior to sitting the examination which matches the off-campus examination coversheet where the students photo has been provided
    • immediately reporting any examination incident (including academic misconduct) to CDU, by completing the Higher Education Off-Campus Examination Incident Report Form
    • confirming that you are not related or know the student on a personal level, or have any other vested interest in the outcome of the examination
    • the examination is held at the stated date and time as instructed by CDU
    • the examination is held securely at all times
    • the student is supervised at all times
    • the venue where the examination is conducted is free from noise and/or other distractions and is conducive for an examination setting
    • immediately informing CDU if you are no longer able to invigilate the exam

Exam Receipting

Approximately 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the examination period, you will be sent a package that will include:

    • a white CDU standard envelope containing the examination paper and relevant attachments including examination coversheet with invigilator instructions
    • an attendance list/s, detailing all students who will be sitting examinations under your invigilation
    • an Australia Express Post envelope/satchel to return all examination materials (applicable to exams held in Australia only)

On receipt of the package/s, please check the contents ensuring the correct examination/s have been dispatched to you.  Please contact the Timetabling, Examinations and Results Unit should their be any missing materials.

Examination Process

All students are directed to bring to their examination their Student Card and shall keep such identification displayed during the examination. In the absence of such identification, you may accept other photographic evidence of identification to your satisfaction but have the right to refuse the student to sit their examination. Under no circumstances the student should be permitted to sit for their examination without any photographic identification.

The timeframe for all examinations is stated on the attendance list/s. Students will have a recommended reading time and can commence writing during this time. You must be present in the examination room during the whole examination duration to ensure that instructions to the student are observed and that no unfair means are employed.

Ten minutes prior to the end of the examination, the invigilator must announce that ten minutes remain in which to complete their examination.  At the scheduled finishing time you must also announce that the examination is finished and that no further writing is permitted.

Returning Completed Examinations

Upon completion of the examination please fill out the off-campus examination coversheet and attach it to the exam paper and indicate the student’s attendance on the attendance list.  Ensure that you have signed that the exam rules have been upheld.  Place all paperwork back in the white envelope, then the included return envelope and send to:

Timetabling, Examinations and Results Unit
Office of Student Administration and Equity Services
Orange 1.1
Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT 0909 Australia

Students cannot receive a final grade until their examination has been returned to CDU.  Please return all examination papers immediately upon the completion of the examination in the envelope/satchel provided.  Examination papers which have not been used due to non-attendance of a candidate are also required to be returned.

Invigilation Payment Advice

Invigilation fees are paid by Charles Darwin University.  This includes covering the cost of all aspects of examination administration comprising venue hire, site co-ordination, invigilation and administration costs.

Examination Centres/Overseas Private Invigilator:  

To enable efficient tracking and payment of fees, all invoices must be accompanied by an itemised account showing the following relevant examination information:







Reasonable invigilation costs incurred will be paid by Charles Darwin University upon submission of an official invoice (please include GST in the invoice if registered for GST purposes). 

Private Invigilator (applicable to exams held in Australia only):  

Where an approved private invigilator is used, cost is based at the casual rate of a HEW Level 3, currently $37.28 paid on an hourly basis or part thereof.  Approved private invigilators who wish to receive payment for their services will need to contact CDU for details on completion of relevant forms and submit them no later than 30 days of the date of the examination.

Please note that processing of all payments may take up to 30 days on receipt of all required documentation.

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