Blackboard app

The Blackboard app enables to stay up-to-date on your academic progress and requirements. It also offers you an intuitive way to view and interact with courses, instructors, classmates, and content with emphasis placed on your immediate needs.

The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

The Balckboard Quick Start Guide can give you some tips and advice on getting started.

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What's in Blackboard app and where can i get it?

Blackboard app is not a complete alternative to accessing Learnline units via a web browser on a computer. Features are limited via mobile, however you can perform these tasks:

  • view unit items and unit annoucements
  • take assignments and tests
  • participate in discussions
  • interact with your lecturer and class in the Online Classroom.

Find out what's new in the latest release of the app.

Blackboard App is available for Windows 10+, Android 4.2+ and iOS 9.0+Windows 10+

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Get the Quick Start guide.

What can I do with Blackboard app?

The app is not designed for long periods of activity via a mobile device and best suited for quick responses or tasks.

The app is best used for:

  • reading announcements
  • checking grades
  • interacting with discussion boards and blogs
  • accessing attached documents and content items

You can participate in an Online Classroom via the app. The Online Classroom on the go section has more information.

Accessing and creating VoiceThreads

  1. Download the VoiceThread App ~ Available for iOS (iTunes) or Android devices (Google Play Store).
  2. Login to Learnline via the Blackboard App and access the VoiceThread links.

See VoiceThread Going Mobile for more information and VoiceThread how to files for further support.

Support and more information

CDU provides access to a 24hr, 7day/week support desk for Learnline.

Please note: if your call is related to the Blackboard App, it is recommended to use an alternative phone to the device that is running the Blackboard App.

Telephone support: 1800 559 347
Web: CDU's Online Support Portal (including online chat)
Web: Blackboard App Help (including introductory video, quick start and link to common issues)