Juana Katzer

Clinical Social Worker/Counsellor and Educator

Lecturer in Social Work

I am a Clinical Social Worker/Counsellor and Educator. Over the last 14 years, I have worked in the areas of women's and children's rights (with a particular focus on child abuse and neglect, and sexual and domestic violence) in Australia (specifically remote Aboriginal and migrant/refugee communities), the Asia Pacific region, South America and Africa. 

In recent years I have focused on child mental health and trauma-informed practice. In particular, I am interested in the impact of child sexual abuse on mental health and problem sexualized behaviours in children 12 years and under.  I am currently completing a Doctor of Social Work, my thesis is entitled "Social Workers Decision-Making Processes with Children who exhibit Problem Sexualized Behaviours".

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Academic qualification

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)/Bachelor of Social Work
  • Graduate Certificate Loss, Grief and Trauma Counselling
  • Graduate Certificate International Development
  • Master of Social Work
  • Doctor of Social Work Candidate


  • Working with and Developing Communities
  • Legal Issues in Social Work
  • Communication Skills

Research Interests

  • Trauma-focussed practice with women and children who have experienced domestic/family and sexual violence.
  • Problem sexualized behaviours exhibited by children.
  • Migrant women experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • Intersectional feminism.  
  • Mental health and international development.
  • Feminism and international development.
  • Human trafficking.

Engagement and Professional Memberships


  • Member of the Northern Territory Anti-Trafficking Working Group
  • Council of International Fellowship – I was a part of an international social work exchange to Germany

Professional Memberships 

  • Australian Association of Social Workers
  • International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies
  • Association of Women in Development
  • Mental Health Innovation Network
  • European Social Work Research Association


T: 08 8946 7698
E: juana.katzer@cdu.edu.au

Blue 5 Level 1 Room 31