Dr Shawgat S. Kutubi


Lecturer in Accounting

Shawgat S. Kutubi is a lecturer in Accounting at Charles Darwin University, Australia. She completed her PhD in Accounting (2017) at La Trobe University, Australia. Prior to that, Shawgat completed her MSc (Merit) in Finance and Development at the University of London (SOAS). She also holds an MBA (First Class) in Banking and Finance and her first degree is BBA Hons. (First Class) in Finance.

Shawgat has an extensive teaching and coordination experience across accounting and finance subjects, including Financial Accounting; Corporate Finance; Accounting for Managers; Accounting and Finance for Sustainable Value Creation; Accounting and Finance for Business; Academic and Business Research; Risk Management; Corporate Governance and Ethics; Economics: Principles, Management, and Policies; Investment Management; Banking and Finance; Bank Management; and Introduction to Finance.

In her lectures, Shawgat encourages students to undertake a deep learning approach to learning. She constantly updates the course content according to the changing need of the businesses to provide students with an opportunity to learn contemporary business practices. In addition. she integrates contemporary online technologies and digital platforms and media in subject content delivery and also incorporates students’ feedback, both official and unofficial, into her delivery style and student engagement habits.

Shawgat has published in leading journals and presented papers at international conferences and seminars. Her research interests mainly lie in the field of financial accounting, more specifically in financial reporting quality, corporate governance and regulation in financial institutions. Her PhD thesis examines the Busy directors and their impact on bank performance, risk-taking & financial reporting quality.

Shawgat is interested in supervising research students in the area of financial reporting, corporate governance, bank regulation and financial institutions performance in emerging markets.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting, La Trobe University, Australia
MSc in Finance and Development, SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom
MBA in Banking and Finance, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
BBA in Finance, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh


  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Accounting for Manager
  • Accounting and Finance for sustainable value creation
  • Accounting and Finance for Business
  • Academic and Business Research
  • Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and Ethics
  • Economics: Principles, Management, and Policies
  • Investment Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Bank Management
  • Introduction to Finance

Research Interests

Financial reporting

Corporate Governance

Financial Institution governance and regulation


Kutubi, S. S., Ahmed, K. and Khan, H. 2018. Bank Performance and Risk-Taking- Does Directors’ Busyness Matter? Pacific Basin Finance Journal (forthcoming).

Kutubi, S. S. and Rahman, R. 2013. "Assessment of service quality dimensions in healthcare industry A study on patient’s satisfaction with Bangladeshi private Hospitals". International Journal of Business and Management Invention 2 (4): 59-67.

Kutubi, S. S. 2011. “Board of Director’s Size, Independence and Performance: An Analysis of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh”. World Journal of Social Science 1 (4): 159-178.

Kutubi, S. S. 2011. “Combating Money-Laundering by the Financial Institutions: An Analysis of Challenges and Efforts in Bangladesh”. World Journal of Social Science 1 (2): 36-51.

Sen, D. K., S. S. Kutubi, and Z. Abedin 2011. “A Study of Perception of University Teachers of Accounting and Finance and Professional Accountants on Importance of Ethics”. ASA University Review 5 (1): 1-20.

Conference Papers

Kutubi, S. S., 2018. Are Busy Directors Related to Accounting Conservatism in the Banking Industry, FIRN-UQ Women Research Workshop, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Kutubi, S. S., 2017. Busy Directors and Bank Ownership: Implications for accounting conservatism, The Fifth International Conference of the Journal of International Accounting (JIAR), Adelaide, Australia

Kutubi, S. S., 2016. Bank Financial Reporting in South Asia, South Asia Citywide Conference, University of Melbourne, Australia

Kutubi, S. S., 2016. Bank Performance and Risk-Taking- Does Directors’ Busyness Matter? 7th Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Governance, Melbourne, Australia

Kutubi, S. S., 2011. Board of Director’s Size, Independence and Performance: An Analysis of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh, International Conference on Governance and Liberalization of Private and Public Sector: Issues and Challenges, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM), MalaysiaAwards and Grants

Awards and Grants


  • La Trobe University Full Fee Research Scholarships (LTUFFRS)
  • La Trobe University Postgraduate Research Scholarships (LTUPRS)
  • University of Chittagong, Merit Scholarship (For Outstanding Result in BBA)
  • Sonali Bank Merit Scholarship (For Outstanding Result in BBA)


  • Rainmaker start-up grants, Office of Research and Innovation, Charles Darwin University
  • FIRN Women research workshop registration fee exemption, FIRN
  • Conference Registration Funding, Global Accounting and Organizational Change Conference (GAOCC), La Trobe University
  • Sandbox Activity Award, ECRs Networking Conference, La Trobe University Australia
  • Post-Graduate Research Fund, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Intellectual Climate Fund for ECRs, La Trobe University, Australia
  • PhD Travel Grant, Financial Research Network (FIRN)
  • Faculty Research Travel Grant, Independent University, Bangladesh
  • Faculty Research Training Grant, Independent University, Bangladesh


American Accounting Association (AAA)
Institute of Public Accountant (IPA)

Dr Shawgat Kutubi


T: 08 8946 8862
E: shawgat.kutubi@cdu.edu.au

CDU Waterfront
21 Kitchener Drive,
Darwin, NT 0800