Music is one of the best vehicles for learning in early childhood development. Research indicates that early integration of music in a child's routine improves their ability to think, reason, create and express. Top End families can experience the wonderful benefits of music in our weekly themed Kindermusik classes. Kindermusik is one of the world's most respected music curricula for young children and focuses on developing a whole child. Our age appropriate classes are designed to give your child a musical start and build strong foundations for learning using a holistic approach. Kindermusik website.

There are three lessons offered with eight in each group:

Saturday lesson: Term 4 commences Monday 14th October

Foundations (0-12months) on hold until enrolments received

Level 1 - (1-2 years)         10:30am - 11:15am (FULL, please email to be placed onto waiting list for Term 4)

Level 2 - (2-3 years)         9:30am - 10:15am (FULL, please email to be placed onto waiting list for Term 4)

Cost is $144 for eight lessons (45mins) including resources to keep               

Foundations                   Foundation picture         Foundation picture                       


Stimulating, fun experiences perfectly balance with relaxing, bonding moments in classes for our youngest learners. It all flows seamlessly through our research-based activities focused on appropriate early childhood interactions…with music at the centre of all sorts of learning!

 Level 1                          Level 1            Level 1

Level 1

As your high-energy toddler moves, laughs, and plays throughout a music class, lots of other important things are happening. Toddlers learn to focus and practice self-control, to listen and to play with language, to notice and accept routines, and to enjoy calm, relaxing moments along with fun, playful experiences.

 Level 2                         Level 2           Level 2

Level 2

Vocal play activities such as, call and response teach musical skills as well as expressive language development. Instrument exploration, more advanced movements and learning to take turns help your older toddler build important preschool skills.

Kindermusik        Kindermusik