Tamas Fabo

Name: Mr Tamas Fabo
Year Graduated: 2014
Course: Master of Business Administration (Professional Practice)

Tamas Fabo"You need to push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone."

Since graduating from a Master of Business Administration (majoring in International Business and Commercial Management), Tamas experienced the post-grad struggle. However, his perseverance saw him through, and not only did he find employment, he also became an Australian citizen.

“As a graduate, you are in a difficult situation,” he explained. “Specially to secure your first job and satisfy your visa requirements if you are planning to stay in Australia for good. For me it was a challenging period, to find and successfully gain the right employment and role within the given timeframe from immigration.”

“As much energy you put into it is as much as you can get out of it. I did not give up and managed to acquire my first job with a respected local airline and helicopter company.”

Today, Tamas is back in Darwin after pursuing a competitive training program overseas for two years. He’s an oil and gas professional working as a Production Technician at Shell – one of his major achievements.

“I managed to adjust my career path going from Business and Investments in Financial Services to become an Oil and Gas professional,” Tamas said. “I realised I am just not a 9 to 5 person and really enjoy being out and about especially working in offshore environments.”

“[I’m] planning to stay and work out of Darwin. Professionally, I would like to take up more and more responsibilities in my job as well as acquire more technical knowledge and training. Lifelong learning never ends.”