Dr Jamal El-Den


Senior Lecturer - Information Technology


  • E-Business and IT Management
  • Business Security and Risk Management

Research interests

  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Transformation (tacit vs. explicit)
  • Support for remote interactions
  • Group support systems

Selected Publications

Journal papers

  • Pham, H.C., El-Den, J. & Richardson, J. “Stress-Based Security Compliance Model – an Exploratory Study”, Emerald Insight, Journal of Information & Computer Security, Volume 24, iss 5, 2016
  • Sriratanaviriyakul, N. & El-Den, J. “A Conceptual Model for Knowledge Sharing Among Small Groups Using Discussion Cases”, Published, International Journal of Computing Academic Research (IJCAR), ISSN 2305-9184, Volume 5, Number 4 (August 2016), pp.177-186, 2016
  • Nkoma, M., Cong, H.P., El-Den, J., Au, B., Lam, T., Richardson, J. & Smith, R. “Facebook as a tool for Learning Purposes: Analysis of the Determinants leading to Improved Students’ Learning”, Published in the journal of Active Learning in Higher Education, 2014
  • Li, J., Su, K., El-Den, J. & Hu, T. “An MPCA/LDA Based Dimensionality Reduction Algorithm for Face recognition”, Published in Mathematical Problems in Engineering Journal, 2014.
  • Su, K., Wei, C., Wu, X. & El-Den, J. “Image Denoising Based Sparse Representation with Principle Components Analysis”, Accepted for publication in Science China Journal, 2014.
  • Rui, Z., Qianzhu, C. & El-Den, J. “Knowledge Sharing in Enterprise Business Simulative Games: An Empirical Analysis”, submitted to the International Journal of Knowledge Management, 2014 (awaiting decision)
  • Hiep, P. & El-Den, J. “A New Perspective in Security Compliance Based on Positive Organizational Behavior, Individuals’ Strengths, and Organizational Security Resources”, submitted to The International Journal on Information Security, 2014
  • El-Den, J., Feghali T “Knowledge transformation among virtually-cooperating group members”, Journal of Knowledge Management, Volume 12, Number 1, pp. 92-105 2008
  • El-Den, J. “Are We Really Capturing Knowledge?” Submitted to the Journal of Knowledge Management, 2014
  • Feghali, T., El-Den, J. “Tacit knowledge capture among Geographically Distributed Group Members”, Journal of Knowledge Management, Volume 12, Number 1, pp. 92-105 2008.

Published conference papers

  • El-Den, J., Menzes, N., Azam, S. & Baydoun, A. “Positive Organizational Behaviour and Personal Strengths: Pillars for Increasing Employees’ Compliance with Information Security Policies”,  ICBEMM16 Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, December 13-14, 2016
  • El-Den, J. & Baydoun, A. “A knowledge Capture and Sharing Approach to Effective Software Service Supply Chain Management”, BEST PAPER AWARD, Australia and New Zealand Business and Sicial Science Research Conference, (ANZBSRC16), 17-18 September 2016, Sydney, Australia
  • El-Den, J. & Adhikari, P. “The Role of Social Media in Social Entrepreneurs”, International Conference on Business, Economics Social Science and Humanities, Manila, Philippines, HeO Hotel, 29-30 September, 2016.
  • Zhang, R., Zhou, W., El-Den, J., Chen, Q., Chen, H., Zhao, J., & Ulhaq, I. “Evolutionary Game Analysis on the Relationship between Enterprise Employees’ Trust and Knowledge Sharing Behavior”, Accepted for presentation and publication at The ICMIE15 Conference in XiAn, China
  • El-Den, J., Zhang, R., Chen, Q., Jie, Z. & Wankun, Z. “Team Members Knowledge Sharing Satisfaction in Enterprise Competition Simulative Games: An Empirical Research”, Accepted and Presented at The ICICKM conference, Sydney University, 6-7 Nov, 2014
  • El-Den, J. & Bean, R.“A New Perspective in Organizational Learning: Do Organizations Really Learn?, Accepted and presented at The ICICKM conference, Sydney University, 6-7 Nov, 2014
  • El-Den, J. “A Revised User Interface Design for the Discovery Tool “Summon”: A Case Study and Recommendations”, ICIME 2013, May 13-14, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • El-Den, J. "Applying Positive Psychology to Knowledge Management", Presented at The European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM12), Cartagena, Spain, September 5-6 2012, Spain.
  • El-Den, J. & Xi, Z. “A Knowledge Management Strategy for Improving the Business Process Re-Engineering Process”, September 1-2, 2011, Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Knowledge Management, University of Passau, Germany.
  • El-Den, J. “A KM Approach to Enhance English Language Teaching in a Multi-Section Classroom.” The 11th International Conference on Intellectual Capital and KM, 2011, Thailand.
  • El-Den, J. “Analysis of Current Groupware and GSS for Remote Knowledge Transformation”, proceedings of the WCIT, 5-10 Oct 2010, Istanbul.
  • El-Den, J. & Coley, C. “Innovation, Development, and Implementation in ICT units at Charles Darwin University.” Proceedings of the ICT Conference 25-26 Oct 2010, Singapore.
  • El-Den, J. “Does the Categorization of Tacit Knowledge Help in its Effective Externalization: An Experimental Analysis.” ICKM, November 2010. Honk Kong, China.
  • El-Den, J. “Current Groupware and Group-Support Systems for Remote Interactions and Knowledge Transformation: Are They Really Supportive?” The ICICKM Conference, 9-10 October 2008, New York.
  • El-Den, J. “Tacit Knowledge Transformation among Geographically Distributed Group Members: A Real Case Analysis.” Proceedings of the ECKM, September 5-6 2007, Barcelona, Spain.
  • El-Den, J. “Tacit Knowledge Transformation”, Proceedings of the ICICKM. October 5-6 2007. Santiago, Chile.
  • El-Den, J. “Using VIPGSS for Knowledge Capture and Transformation, ICICKM, October 12-13, 2005.Dubai, UAE.
  • El-Den, J. “Capturing and Transforming Opinions and Ideas in a Collaborative Setting”, in proceedings of the International Conference on Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management, October 29 – 30, 2004.Toronto, Canada.
  • El-Den, J. “Transforming Tacit Knowledge into Explicit Knowledge through the Capture of Opinions and Ideas of Group Members in a Collaborative Setting”. Proceedings of The 5th European Conference on Knowledge Management. Sept. 30 – 1st October, 2004. CNAM, Paris, France.
  • El-Den, J., Ghalayini, Z. & Hasbini, N. “Empathic Design of Marketing Using Tacit Knowledge Management.” Proceedings of The 5th European Conference on Knowledge Management, Sept. 30 – 1st October, 2004. CNAM. Paris, France.
  • El-Den, J. “The social View in Process-Oriented Knowledge Conversion.” Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Knowledge Management. Sept 30 – 1st October, 2004. CNAM. Paris, France.
  • El-Den, J. “E-Lebanon.com vs. E.Arabcounties.com”, In Proceedings of the International Business Information Management Conference (IBIM03), December 2003. Cairo, Egypt.
  • El-Den, J. “The Value-Interactive-Personalized Group-Support-System (VIP-GSS): An Answer to Effective Knowledge Organization in Groups.” Proceedings of the 4th European Conference on Knowledge Management, ECKM, 18 – 19 September, Oriel College, Oxford University, England.
  • El-Den, J. “Introducing Knowledge Management into AUB: A Case Study”, Proceedings of the 4th ECKM, Oriel College, Oxford University, England.
  • El-Den, J. “Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital: An Inevitable Relationship for Success”, Proceedings of the 4th ECKM, June 2003. Oxford, England.
  • El-Den, J. “Does Effective Knowledge Identification and Retention by Physicians Transform Hospitals into Learning Organizations: An Empirical Study”. The 2nd European Conference on E-Business, June 2003. Glasgow, Scotland.
  • El-Den, J. “A New Model for Knowledge Organization in Groups: Retention and Accessibility”, 3rd European Conference on Knowledge Management, 23-25 Sept, 2002, Dublin, Ireland.

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