Prof David Lilley


Discipline Leader - Civil Engineering


  • Integrated Civil Engineering Design
  • Structural Analysis
  • Water Resources Engineering

Research interests

  • Effects of extreme winds
  • Structural dynamics
  • Train-generated vibration of railway bridges
  • Non-destructive testing of structures using vibration techniques
  • Conservation of heritage structures
  • Defects within glass and glazing panels

Membership of professional organisations

  • Engineers Australia (Fellow), Chartered Professional Engineer (Australia), Civil and Structural
  • Institution of Structural Engineers (Fellow)
  • Institution of Civil Engineers (Fellow)
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Fellow)
  • FEANI European Engineer (Eur Ing)
  • Engineering Council Chartered Engineer (UK)
  • Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AaeE)

Selected Publications

  • Kannoorpatti, K, Lilley, D.M. and Webb, G., 2011, “Effect of surface roughness on the corrosion of 316-type stainless steel”, Corrosion and Materials, Australasian Corrosion Association, Kerrimuir, Victoria 3129, Australia. ISSN 1326-1932, Vol. 36, No. 6, December, 36-37.
  • Gu, G., Kapoor, A. and Lilley, D.M., 2008, “Calculation of dynamic impact loads for railway bridges using a direct integration method ”, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, Professional Engineering Publishing, London, Vol 222, No. 4, ISSN 0954-4097, DOI 10.1243 / 09544097JRRT189, 385-398.
  • Lilley, D.M., 2005, "Heritage structures - a new beginning?”, The Structural Engineer - International Journal of the Institution of Structural Engineers, Vol. 83, No. 1, ISSN 1466-5123, January, 18-19.
  • Lilley, D.M., 2000, "Integrity testing of pile foundations using axial vibration", Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineering, Paper 12092, Vol. 143, No. 4, ISSN 1353-2618, October, 225-234.
  • Lilley, D.M., 1999, “Train-generated sound within an underground light railway system”, Paper No. F02598, Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, Vol 213, No. F4, ISSN 0954-4097, 211-220.
  • Lilley, D.M. and Robinson, J., 1995, "Ultimate strength of rammed earth walls with openings", Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Structures and Buildings, Paper 10658, Vol. 110, ISSN 0965-0911, August, 278-287.



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