Professor Ken Evans

PhD (Newcastle), MSc (Qld), BAppSc(Hons) (QUT), CertCivilEng (QIT)

Project Leader, Mine Technology Group

The Mine Technology Group is a joint initiative between CDU and the Northern Territory Government Department of Mines and Energy. The group is multidisciplinary and addresses mine site technical issues relative to current mining operations and legacy mines. In addition the group conducts mine related applied research.


  • Water Engineering
  • Environmental Modelling

Research Interests

  • The application of erosion models to the design of rehabilitated landforms (mining)
  • Assessment of catchment impacts resulting from mining
  • Hydrodynamic and water quality modelling of saltwater and estuarine environments
  • Tropical stream water quality and sediment transport

Industry Experience

  • Manage research programmes investigating physical catchment impacts of mining in co-operation with key stakeholders,
  • Short, medium term and long term strategic planning of research programmes.
  • Supervision and development of professional and technical staff and students in the laboratory, remote localities and on mine sites undertaking research projects.
  • Technical review of environmental management plans and reports mines and membership of technical committees considering such applications.
  • Development and implementation of stream impact assessment strategies and refinement of landform evolution modelling techniques for application to landform design and assessment of mining impact,
  • Analyses of large multiple variable and time dependent data sets for use in water quality guidelines for stream sediment loads affected by mining,Manage research programmes investigating physical catchment impacts of mining in co-operation with key stakeholders

Selected Publications

  • Hancock GR, Evans KG, McDonnell JJ, Hopp L. 2012. Ecohydrological controls on soil erosion and landscape evolution, Ecohydrology, 5(4): 478-490.
  • Moliere DR & Evans KG 2010. Development of trigger levels to assess catchment disturbance on stream suspended sediment in Magela Creek, Northern Territory, Australia. Geographical Research 48(4): 370-385.
  • Hancock GR & Evans KG. 2010, Gully, channel and hillslope erosion - an assessment for a traditionally managed catchment, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 35 1468-1479.
  • Staben GW & Evans KG 2008. Estimates of tree canopy loss as a result of Cyclone Monica, in the Magela Creek catchment northern Australia. Austral Ecology 33,562-569.
  • Frostick A, Bollhöfer A, Parry D, Munksgaard N & Evans K 2008. Radioactive and radiogenic isotopes in sediments from Cooper Creek, Western Arnhem Land. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 99, 468-482.
  • Hancock GR, Grabham MK, Martin P, Evans KG & Bollhöfer A 2006. An erosion and radionuclide assessment of the former Nabarlek uranium mine, Northern Territory, Australia. Science of the Total Environment 354, 103-119.
  • Moliere DR, Saynor MJ & Evans KG 2005. Suspended sediment concentration-turbidity relationships for Ngarradj – a seasonal stream in the wet-dry tropics. Australian Journal of Water Resources 9(1), 37-48.
  • Erskine WD, Saynor MJ, Erskine L, Evans KG and Moliere DR 2005. A preliminary typology of Australian tropical rivers and implications for fish community ecology. Marine & Freshwater Research 56, 253-267.
  • Moliere DR, Evans KG, Saynor MJ & Erskine WD 2004. Estimation of suspended sediment loads in a seasonal stream in the wet-dry tropics, Northern Territory, Australia. Hydrological Processes 18(3), 531-544.
  • Evans KG, Martin P, Moliere DR, Saynor MJ, Prendergast JB & Erskine WD 2004. Erosion risk assessment of the Jabiluka mine site,Northern Territory, Australia. J.Hydrologic Engrg  9(6) 512-522.
  • Evans KG, Moliere DR, Saynor, MJ, Erskine, WD & Bellio MG 2004. Baseline suspended-sediment, solute, EC and turbidity characteristics for the Ngarradj catchment, Northern Territory, and the impact of mine construction. Supervising Scientist Report 179, Supervising Scientist, Darwin NT.
  • Saynor, MJ & Evans, KG 2001.  Sediment loss from a mine waste rock dump, Northern Australia.  The Australian Geographer. 39(1) 34-51.
  • Evans, KG & Willgoose, GR 2000. Post-mining landform evolution modelling. II. Effects of vegetation and surface ripping. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. 25(8), 803-823.
  • Evans, KG 2000. Methods for assessing mine site rehabilitation design for erosion impact. Australian Journal of Soil Research. 38(2), 231-248.
  • Evans, KG, Loch, RJ, Bell, L & Aspinall, TO 1997.  Laboratory rainfall simulator studies of selected open-cut coal mine overburden spoils from Central Queensland, Australia. Australian Journal of Soil Research. 35, 15-30.
  • Evans, KG & Loch, RJ 1996.  Using the RUSLE to identify factors controlling erosion rates of mine soils.  Land Degradation and Development.  7(3):267-277.
  • Evans, KG, Stephens, AW & Shorten, GG, 1992. Quaternary sequence stratigraphy of the Brisbane River Delta, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia.  Marine Geology 107, 61-79.

A full list of my publications are available to view (PDF 241KB).

Student Research

Completed Students

  • George E 1997. Ripped plot hydrology RUM 1993, and wet season monitoring fire and soil sites, WRD, RUM,. 1995-96. BEng(Hons) thesis, University of Newcastle.
  • Bell LSJ 1998. Determination of hydrology and erosion model parameters: Natural site adjacent to pit #1 at ERA Ranger Mine, Northern Territory, Australia. BEng(Hons) thesis, University of Newcastle.
  • Bell JRW 1998. Monitoring of gully erosion at ERA Ranger Mine, Northern Territory, Australia. BEng(Hons) thesis, University of Newcastle.
  • Ferguson R 1999.Ranger Uranium Mine erosion study: spatial variation of Siberia parameters. BEng(Hons) thesis, University of Newcastle.
  • Grabham MK 2000. An Erosion Assessment of the Former Nabarlek Uranium Mine, Northern Territory, BEnvSc (Hons) thesis, The University of Newcastle.
  • Puig P 2000. Rapid assessment of erosion risk in 7J Creek catchment using GIS. GradDip EnvSc Thesis, Northern Territory University.
  • Duffy KA 2001. An erosion assessment of the Jabiluka Uranium Mine, Northern Territory. BEnvSc(Hons) thesis, University of Newcastle.
  • Garland AJ 2002. Changes in hydrology of a mine-impacted catchment, Nabarlek, Northern Territory, Australia. BEnvSc(Hons) thesis, University of Newcastle.
  • Moliere DR 2002. Temporal trends in erosion and hydrology for a post-mining landform at Ranger Mine, Northern Territory. MEng thesis, University of Newcastle.
  • Boggs GS 2003. Application of Geographic Information Systems to the Assessment and Management of Mining Impact. PhD Thesis, Charles Darwin University.
  • Patterson RG, 2014. Upper Darwin Harbour Dye Study Palmerston Outfall. BEng(Civil) Thesis, Charles Darwin University

Current Students

  • Staben G, 2012-present. Investigating the impact of tropical cyclones on natural vegetation communities across northern Australia using remotely sensed data. PhD, University of Tasmania.
  • Tonyes SG, 2012-present. Non-cohesive sediment dynamics, provenance and transport processes in Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory. PhD, Charles Darwin University.
  • Hornhardt R, 2014. Tailings Deposition Simulation & Analysis to Prevent Upstream Embankment Raise Failure. BEng(Civil) Thesis. Charles Darwin University.
  • Paras VS, 2014. A feasibility study on applying the Guidelines for the Environmental Assessment of Marine Dredging in the Northern Territory as described in the NT EPA Act 2013. MEng(Civil) Thesis. Charles Darwin University


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