Ian Roberts


Adjunct University Fellow



Mathematics Education

Selected publications

U Leck, I T Roberts, J Simpson, Minimising the weight of the union-closure of a family of two-sets, Aust.JC, Vol.52, 2012, pp.67-73
U Leck, I T Roberts, Minimising the weight of the union-closure of 2-sets, Elect.Notes in Disc. Mathematics, 38, 2011, pp.553-558.
I T Roberts, J Simpson, A note on the union-closed sets conjecture, AustJC, Vol.47, 2010, pp.265-267
I T Roberts, L Rylands, T Montag, M Gruettmueller, On the number of minimal completely separating systems and antichains in a Boolean lattice, AustJC, Vol.48, 2010, pp.143-158
M Gruettmueller, S Hartmann, T Kalinowksi, U Leck, I T Roberts, Maximal Flat Antichains of Minimal Weight, Elect.J.Comb., 16, 2009, #R69
O Phanalasy, I T Roberts, L Rylands, Covering Separating Systems and an application to search theory, AustJC, Vol. 45,2009, pp.3-14
I T Roberts C^3:Concepts, Content, Context. An approach to the professional development of teachers of Mathematics. Narrowing the Gap Conference, UNE, April 26-28, 2007.
I T Roberts, Maths Matters, AMS Gazette, Vol.33, No.5, 2006, pp.297-305
I T Roberts, S D’Arcy, J Egan, The minimum number of blocks in pairwise balanced designs with maximal block size 4: the final cases, AustJC, Vol.36, 2006, pp.303-313.
I T Roberts & L Rylands, Minimal (n) and (n,h,k) Completely Separating Systems, AJC vol.33, 2005, pp.57-66.
I T Roberts, Completely Separating Systems of k-sets for 7 <= k <= 10, AJC Vol33, 2005, pp.87-98.
I T Roberts, L Rylands, O Phanalasy, Separating Systems, Sperner Systems, Search Theory, Proceedings of 16AWOCA, 2005, pp.279-288.
M Gruettmueller, I T Roberts, R Stanton, An improved lower bound for g^(4) (18), JCMCC, Vol 48, 2004, pp.25-31.

Professional activities

  • Council member of CMSA (2002 - present)
  • Council member AustMS (2003 - present)
  • Member AustMS educational subcommittee (2004 - now)
  • Conference organisation
  • Program committee AWOCA 2005
  • Chair of organising committees 31st ACCMCC 2006, AWOCA2006

Research completions

  • Paulette Lieby, PhD, 1999
  • Oudone Phanalasy, MSc, 1999
  • Jeanette McLeod, Honours I, Chancellor's medal, 2002
  • Colin Ramsay, Honours I, Chancellor's medal 1994
    Paulette Lieby, Honours I, Faculty medal, 1994

Membership of professional organisations


T: +61 8 8946 6381
E: ian.roberts@cdu.edu.au
F: +61 8 8946 6366 Building: Purple 12

Address: School of Engineering and Information Technology
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Darwin, Northern Territory
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