Dr Keith McGuinness

BSc (Hons), PhD

Ecologist, Senior Lecturer - Zoology

Research interests

Keith's main areas of interest are the ecology of marine communities - particularly those in intertidal regions, especially mangroves - and environmental impact assessment and monitoring. Since 2000, he has also been working with staff from CDU, eriss and AIMS on approaches to the design and analysis of impact assessment and monitoring programs, particularly in aquatic systems.

Current projects

  • KS Gibb KS, Parry DL, McGuinness KA, Smith MK, Anderson JV. Coastal monitoring using metal resistant microbes
  • Humphrey, C, Buckle, D, McGuinness, KA. Statistical design and analysis for ARR stream monitoring protocols
  • Gibb K, Streten-Joyce C, Glasby C, McGuinness K. Polychaetes as indicators of disturbance in Darwin Harbour: a molecular approach
  • Gibb, KS, Parry, DP, Blackall L, Padovan, A, Alvarez de Glasby, B, McGuinness, KA. Microbiology of marine sponges in a high nutrient environment
  • Professor David Parry, Associate Professor Karen Gibb, Dr Anna Padovan, Dr Claire Streten-Joyce, Dr Jeffrey Tsang, Dr Keith McGuinness. Pilot study on the distribution and relative abundance of bacterioplankton (including vibrio) in southern Melville Bay
  • Gibb KS, Parry DP, Streten-Joyce C, McGuinness KA. Waste Pond microbes


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Dr Keith McGuinness


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