Wayne Cristaudo

Professor of Political Science

Before coming to Charles Darwin University, Professor Cristaudo taught Politics and then European Studies at the University of Adelaide. He then went to the University of Hong Kong where he was coordinator of European Studies and then the Division Head of West Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures.

Professor Wayne Cristaudo’s area of interests combines the study of the nature of ‘human beings,’ the history and nature of ideas and social and political institutions, as well as how these also impact on the different characters of peoples and nations.  Presently Professor Cristaudo is writing a book on this topic.  The broad scope of Professor Cristaudo’s interests mean that his work has always been interdisciplinary and wide-ranging. His has written on political and social theory and philosophy, metaphysics, literature, love and evil, the Western tradition. His research interests also have led to an interest in the social and political dimension of religion, particularly Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Professor Cristaudo has also supervised a broad array of topics from theses on European Politics to Development and International Politics, to Creative Arts, Literature and Social and Political Philosophy.

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Undergraduate subjects at CDU:

Political Ideas
Foundations of Western Civilization
International Politics

Higher Degree Students from 2017

PhD candidates
Izabella Pereira UN  - Politics
Musa Maliki -Politics

Egas Alves – Politics
Nabeela Asgar – Politics


In Creative Arts I have been a co-supervisor for John Dahlsen whose  Phd  is now under examination in, Isadora Mack about to submit her Masters, and Freya Tripp who is doing revisions for the examiners. 

Other Supervision

At the University of Adelaide  I supervised approximately thirty Honours theses, and six completed PhD theses, two of which were published as books.

At HKU, I supervised and co-supervised six M Phils, three PhDs: all passed their examination.  Prior to my taking over Coordinator of European Studies there had been no Higher degree students in that area.

Six of my Phd students have published their thesis as books with prestigious university presses or commercial publishers, and I am presently co-authoring a book with another .


Publications: Single and Co-Authored Books in Print

  1.  A Philosophical History of Love. Transaction, Rutgers University. 2012.
  2. Religion, Redemption and Revolution: The New Speech Thinking of Franz       Rosenzweig and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy. University of Toronto Press. 2012.
  3. Power, Love and Evil: Contribution to a Philosophy of the Damaged  New York, Rodopi, 2007.
  4. Translation into Chinese of Power, Love and Evil. 力、愛與惡:剖析我們如何互相破壞的哲學 Zhejiang University Press, 2012
  5. Great Ideas in the Western Literary Canon with Peter Poiana,  Boston, University of America Press, 2003.
  6. This Great Beast: Progress and the Modern State  with Bob Catley, Aldershot, Ashgate, 1997.
  7. Metaphysics of Science and Freedom:  From Descartes to Kant to Hegel,   Aldershot, Gower, 1991.

Publications: Edited Books/Journals in Print or in Press

  1. Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, The Hegemony of Spaces: Volume of One of In the Cross of Reality,  Edited by Wayne Cristaudo and Frances Huessy,  Translated by Jurgen Lawrenz with Wayne Cristaudo and Frances Huessy. Introduction Wayne Cristaudo. Transaction: Rutgers. In press, release date  Spring 2017
  2. Special Issue of Culture, Theory and Critique Volume 56 Issue 1 April 2015 on ‘The Ideas and Impact of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy’  edited with Andreas Leutzsch and Norman Fiering. Includes Introductory Essay with Andreas leutzsch and Norman Fiering, and my essay ‘Gaining Times to Outrun Modernity: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy’s Full Count of the Times as a  Response to the Modern Condition.’
  3. Order and Revolt: Debating the Principles of Eastern and Western Social Thought. Edited with Heung-Wah Wong and Sun Youzhong, Bridge21 Press 2014. Includes my ‘Introduction’  and ‘What’s Wrong with  John Dewey and Confucianism and What’s Right with Lao Tzu according to Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy.’
  4. European Identities co-edited with Roland Vogt and Andreas Letuzsch. My contribution is the ‘Introduction’ written with Roland Vogt, and ‘New versus Old Britain.’ Transaction (Rutgers University), 2014.
  5. Editor of Special Issue with the journal Thesis 11  June 2013. Translatio Imperii and  Philosophical-Theological Visions of History. My contribution is the ‘Preface’  ‘History, Theology and the Relevance of the Translatio Imperii,’ and ‘Diagnosis and Salvation: Revolution, History and Salvation in Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and Eric Voegelin’.
  6. Revolutions: Finished and Unfinished, from Primal to Final co-edited with Paul Caringella and Glenn Hughes. Includes my ‘Preface,’ ‘Introduction’ and ‘Hannah Arendt and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy on the French  Revolution.’ Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012.
  7. The God who Would Not Die: Theological Remnant in 20th Century French Philosophy,  Edited with Greg Hainge. Double Issue edition of Culture, Theory and Critique, Volume 52, Issue 2-3  2011. Includes my Introduction pp. 19-26, and ‘The Johannine Christianity of Albert Camus,’ 145-161.
  8. From Reason in Faith to Faith in Reason: Transformations in Philosophical Theology from the 18th to the 20th Centuries. Edited with Heung-Wah Wong) and introduction, ix-xvi. Includes my essay ‘Hegel on Kant, Fichte, Jacobi: Being Reasonable about Faith and Knowledge,’  60-76. University Press of America. 2011.
  9. Love in the Religions of the World. Edited with Gregory Kaplan. Includes my   Essay ‘Love in the Religions of the World.’ pp. 1-24, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2011.
  10. The Cross and the Star: The Post-Nietzschean Christian and Jewish Thought of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and Franz Rosenzweig, edited by Wayne Cristaudo and Frances Huessy (Cambridge: CSP, 2009).  Preface (x1 –xxii) and two essays, ‘Rosenstock-Huessy’s Anti-Transcendent Critique of Karl Barth,’ (277-289) and ‘The Great Gift: The Impact of Franz Rosenzweig’s Jewishness on Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy,’ (139-61).
  11. Saint Augustine: His Relevance and Legacy, edited Wayne Cristaudo and Heung-Wah  Wong (Adelaide: ATF, 2010), Introduction by Wayne Cristaudo (ix-xvii) also my chapter “The Weight of Love and Evil in Augustine,” (157-182).
  12. Messianism, Apocalypse Redemption: 20th Century German Thought edited by Wayne Cristaudo and Wendy Baker with Introduction by Wayne Cristaudo, ix-xvii,  (Adelaide: Australia Theological Forum [Adelaide: ATF], 2006). Includes my Introduction, and chapters: ‘Revolution and the Redeeming of the World: The Messianic History of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy’s Out of Revolution,’ 243-257,  and ‘Redemption and Messianism in Franz Rosenzweig’s The Star of Redemption,’  259-272.

Publications: Books and projects in Preparation

Single authored book on Philosophy of the Human Sciences – provisional title Ideas and World-Making: A Historical Philosophical Anthropology for Social Thought

Coauthored with Guan Bei Bei, The Dandy and the Ragpicker: Baudalire, in spite of Benjamin

General Editor and co-translator  of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy In the Cross of Reality: The Full Count of theTimes with Jurgen Lawrenz and Frances Huessy.  

The Letters of Jacob Taubes to Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy (with Engelhard Weigl) – translation, commentary and Introduction. 

Publications: Chapters & Articles

  1. The United States, the Religion of Civility and the Calvinization of “the World”’  in press The European Legacy
  2.  ‘Colliding Times and Global Disorder: The Common Blindness to Social Time of Radical Liberalism and Leo Strauss’s Neo-Conservativism,’  Sofia Philosophical Review, Vol. IX, No. 2, 2016, in press.
  3. ‘Revolutions, Wars, and the Jewish and Christian Contribution to Redemptive Cosmopolitanism in Franz Rosenzweig and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy’ in special edition (‘Jews on the Move’) of European Review of History: Revue européenne d'histoire, 23:5-6, 797-813 (2016),
  4. ‘Speech, Time and Suffering: Rosenstock-Huessy's Post-Goethean, Post-Christian Sociology’ Philosophy and Society - Filozofija i društvo 26 (1): 179-204.
  5.  ‘The Calvinist Roots of Pluralism in the United States’ in Images of Europe, Past, Present, Future: ISSEI Conference Proceedings 2014 (ebook) edited by Yolanda Espiña. Porto, Universidade Católica Editora.
  6.  ‘Inimical Friendships?: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Franz Rosenzweig and Dialogue between the West and Islam’ in Judaism, Christianity and Islam:  Collaboration and Conflict in the Age of Diaspora, edited by   Sander L. Gilman, University of Hong Kong Press, 2014, pp. 77- 98.
  7. Foreword to Vacant Responsibilities: An Ethics of Timing by Otto Kroesen, Wipf and Stock 2014.
  8. Review Article of David Goldman’s How Civilizations Die and It’s  Not the End of the World, It’s just the End of You, Thesis 11 2014 June 2014 122: 109-115.  
  9.  ‘On the Social Significance of the Divinity of Speech: From Hegel’s Anti-dualist Metaphysics to Speech Thinking’ in Cosmos and History, The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, December 2013.
  10. 10.   ‘The Post-Modern Opening of the ‘68 Generation and the Return of an Old God without  Superstition and Metaphysics’ in Understanding God in the 21st Century (Nanjing University Press, 2013).
  11. ‘Bringing Back Character and Grammar: Freeing Literature from Philosophy and Theory,’ in Philosophy and Literature and the Crisis of Metaphysics edited by Sebastian Hüsch,  (Würzburg/Germany: Königshausen & Neumann, 2011), pp. 243- 255.
  12. ‘Rosenzweig’s Gift to Rosenstock-Huessy’ in “Kreuz der Wirklichkeit" und 
            "Stern der Erlösung
    ” edited by Hans Wiederbach (Freiburg: Karl Alber, 2010), pp. 190 -213.
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  17.  ‘Rosenzweig and Rosenstock’s Critiques of Idealism: The Common Front of Contrary Allegiances’ in Franz Rosenzweigs Neues Denken ed. Wolfgang Schmied-Kowarzik (Freiburg: Karl Alber, 2006), Bd. 2, 1121-1140.
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Book Reviews

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  1. Review Article of Charles Taylor’s Sources of the Self, Political Theory Newsletter, Vol. 2:.2, 1990, pp. 224-230.    

Conference Papers

  1.  ‘Play and Serious Life’. Presented at Charles Darwin University December 5, 2015 Symposium on Play in Education.
  2. ‘Colliding Times and Global Disorder: The Common Blindness of Radical Liberalism and Neo-Conservatives.’ Presented at “After Leviathan? About the Creation of Global Lines of Politics and Polity in and after the Ages of Extremes. Held at University of Hong Kong  22.-24.10.2014 at the University of Hong Kong.
  3. ‘The United States, the Religion of Civility and the Calvinization of the World’  paper presented August 7 Porto 2014 for International Society for the Studies of European Ideas in Workshop I chaired on Calvin’s Influence: from Geneva to the USA and Beyond.
  4. ‘Communal Life, Philosophy and Religion’ Day Conference Flinders University 20 June 2014.
  5. ‘Revolutions, World Wars and the Continuing Process of Redemptive Cosmopolitanism’ Cosmopolitanism and the Jews: International Conference Leo Baeck Institute, 11-12 May 2014.
  6. ‘An Introduction to Rosenstock-Huessy’s Sociology a paper presented on my behalf  and discussed at the Conference ‘ Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy: Then And Now,’ Waterloo, Ontario June 2014.
  7. Keynote Presentation – ‘Times, Spaces, Suffering and Grammar - Rosenstock-Huessy’s Post-Goethean/ Post-Christian Sociology’ (substantial rewrite of ISA paper) Simon Dubnow Institute October 2013 Leipzig  on the Centennial Anniversary of the ‘Leipzig Night Conversation.’
  8. ‘Seeing Politics with Franz Rosenzweig’ presented at  Franz Rosenzweig Congress: Gebot, Gesetz, Gebet Love, Law, Life, University of Toronto, September 1-4 2012.
  9. ‘The God of the Word and the Divinity of Speech,’ Paper prepared for American Political Science Association, 2012 http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2127586
  10. ‘Space, Suffering, Grammar, and Time in Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy’s Post-Goethean Sociology’ ISA –RC16 Midterm Conference: Cultures and Civilizations in the Contemporary World June 27-29, 2012, University of Trento.
  11. ‘The “Problem of Islam” in the Context of the USA and Europe: Contrary Experiences – Contrary Problems – Contrary Solutions?’  presented at Europe, Migration and Islam: April 18-19, 2012. Baptist University, Hong Kong.
  12. ‘Inimical Friendships: A Dialogical Model’ presented at  Judaism, Christianity, Islam’ - Collaboration and Conflict at HKU, March 27-29 2012.
  13. The Post-Modern Opening of the ‘ 68 Generation and the Return of an Old God without  Superstition and Metaphysics. June 14-16, 2011. International Symposium on Monotheism and Postmodernism at Nanjing University.
  14. ‘Diagnosis and Salvation: Revolution History and Augustine in Eric Voegelin and Rosenstock-Huessy,’ American Political Science Association, Washington September 2-5, 2010.
  15. Co-organized with Professor Sun Youzhong ‘Pragmatism and Order versus Spontaneity and Revolt; East/ West Perspectives’ at the University of Hong Kong. My paper is ‘Rosenstock-Huessy and Lao-Tse against Dewey and Confucius.’ August 2010.
  16. ‘The Redemptive Religions of Judaism and Christianity as Socialising and Globalising  Powers.’ July 29-30, 2010. Conference on Global Governance and International rule of Law in the World Order.  Jilin University.
  17. ’Bringing Back Character and Grammar: Freeing Literature from Philosophy and Theory,” Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour U.F.R  March 10-12, 2010. Plenary Speaker.
  18. ‘Rosenstock-Huessy on the French Revolution and the Humanistic Turn’ presented at the conference "Revolutions: Finished and Unfinished, from Primal to Final" in Hong Kong March 17-20 2010
  19. ‘Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and the French Revolution,’ for the conference “Translatio Imperii in the 3rd Millennium: Philosophy and Theology address Power and Revolution in History,” University of Hong Kong, February 18- 20 2010.
  20. ‘Love in the Religions of the World’ in the Conference Love in the Religions of the World Conference at University of Hong Kong, October 2009.=
  21. ‘The Appeal of Love in Camus's Absurd Universe.’ “The Hidden God: Theological Remnants of the Sacred in 20th century French Philosophy. University of Hong Kong June 2009.
  22. ‘Rosenzweig, Rosenstock-Huessy and Nietzsche,’ at the conference Franz Rosenzweigg and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy; The History of a Friendship held at Dartmouth College New Hampshire. July 2008. Plenary Speaker.
  23. ‘Rosenzweig’s Gift to Rosenstock-Huessy’ at the Conference Kreuz der Wirklichkeit" und "Stern der Erlösung" at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt. July 2008.
  24. ‘Hegel on Kant, Fichte, Jacobi: Being Reasonable about Faith and Knowledge.’  Conference From Faith in Reason to Reason in Faith: Transformations in Philosophical Theology from the 18th to 20th Centuries. University of Hong Kong 2008.
  25. “The Weight of Love and Evil in Augustine”, Conference on Augustine: His Legacy and Relevance. Pacific International. December 2007. University of Hong Kong.
  26. Workshop – ‘Agonising over Power, Love and Evil or Trying to Find a Voice for talking about this stuff’ 8th Perspectives on Human Wickedness Conference Salzburg March 2007.
  27. ‘‘Love is as Strong as Death’: The Triadic Love of Franz Rosenzweig, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and Gritli Rosenstock-Huessy,’’ March 22 at the Persons, Intimacy and Love Conference, 2007, Salzburg
  28. ‘Franz Rosenzweig’s Troublesome Critique of Islam’ the ‘Faith, Truth and Reason’ International Franz Rosenzweig Society Conference in September 17th-19th 2006 in Jerusalem.
  29. ‘Evil and the Loss of Intellect’, Perspectives on Human Wickedness Conference, March 2006, Salzburg.
  30. ‘Redemption and Messianism in Franz Rosenzweig’s The Star of Redemption’ presented at Messianism, Apocalypse, Redemption: 20th Century German Thought, Adelaide, July 2004.
  31. ‘Rosenzweig’s and Rosenstock’s Critiques of Idealism: The Common Front of Contrary Allegiances’ in The New Thinking of Franz Rosenzweig, Kassel, March 20
  32. ‘Damage: A Logic of Evil.’ The Human Wickedness Conference in Prague, March 2004.
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  34. ‘Power, Love and Evil: An Overview’ in Presenting Lived Experience, Melbourne, 1998.
  35. Revised version of ‘Philosophy, Christianity and Revolution in Eric Voegelin and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy.’  The American Political Science Association, Washington, 1997.
  36. ‘Philosophy, Christianity and Revolution in Eric Voegelin and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy.’ APSA, Melbourne, 1996.
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  39. ‘Political Philosophy of Republicanism.‘ So ‘Theoretical Responsibility and Political Practice.’  APSA, Brisbane, 1991.
  40. ‘Liberalism, Fascism, Marxism:  Three Modern Forms of Voluntarism.’  Political Will Conference, University of Adelaide, 1990.
  41. ‘Heidegger and Cassirer.’  Australian Society of Phenomenology Conference, Sydney, 1989.
  42.  ‘Heidegger’s Political Judgment.’  APSA, Sydney, 1989.
  43. ‘Hegel, Marx and the Absolute Infinite.’  Australian Political Science Association (APSA), Armidale, 1988.
  44. ‘The Function of the Analytic and Dialectic of Teleological Judgment in Kant’s Architectonic.’  Australasian Philosophy Conference, Melbourne, 1987.

Research Grants

  1. 1990 University of Adelaide Minor Research Grant for project on Epistemology and Social Theory.  The research from this resulted in a conference paper entitled ‘Theoretical Responsibility and Political Practice.’
  2. 1992 University of Adelaide Minor Research Grant for project on ‘The Philosophy of Rosenstock-Huessy.’ 
  3. 1993 University of Adelaide Minor Research Grant for project on the State.  The research has culminated in the book This Great Beast: Progress and the Modern State.
  4. 1996 Politics Department Research Committee Grant. Money from this grant was used for research assistants for This Great Beast.
  5. 1997 University of Adelaide Minor Research Grant for preliminary work on Towards a Philosophy of Power: Love and Evil.
  6. 2004 University of Adelaide Special Grant for editing of Towards a Philosophy of Power, Love and Evil.
  7. 2005-6. Research Grant at the University of Hong Kong for the dialogical thinking of Franz Rosenzweig and Eugen Rosentstock-Huessy.
  8. 2008 Minor University Research grant for project on Islam
  9. 2009 Seed Money for GRF
  10. 2009 Faculty Award for GRF Submission
  11. 2011 Minor Research Grant on Islam and Europe
  12. International conference grants: 2005-2006 ‘Evil  and the Loss of Intellect’, 2006-2007 ‘Agonising Over Power. Love and Evil’, 2007-2008 ‘Rosenstock, Rosenzweig and Nietzsche,’ 2009-2010 ‘Bringing Back Character and Grammar: Freeing Literature from Philosophy and Theory,’ 2010-2011  ‘Diagnosis and Salvation: Revolution History and Augustine in Eric Voegelin and Rosenstock-Huessy.’


Other Professional Activities

 Co-editor since October 2016 of European Legacy: Towards New Paradigms, published by Routledge

Editorial Board since 2013 of the journal Culture, Theory and Critique, published by Taylor and Francis

 Editorial Board since 2011 of Routledge Culture, Society, Business in East Asia Series

 Advisory Board of Inter-Disciplinary.Net, an organization of international conferences and publication. 2005 - 2009

 Scientific  Committee, Athanor. Semiotica, Filosofi, Arte, Letteratura

  I have reviewed manuscripts for numerous journals including  Leo Baeck InstituteEuropean Legacy, The Journal of Religion and Popular CultureCulture, Theory and Critique, Journal of Ancient Judaism, Lexington Press, Critical Research on Religion.


I was nominated for the University of Adelaide’s Stephen Cole Award for Excellence in Teaching three times (1992, 2000 and 2002) and was the recipient of the award in 2002 (only two senior university members are eligible each year for the award).


 2014 Octoberr 9 -24  ‘Smoke and Mirrors Society’ with  Cornelius Delaney and Mats Unden   - ‘In Conversation’ Exhibition Edith Cowan University


Wayne Cristaudo


T: 08 8946 6026
E: wayne.cristaudo@cdu.edu.au

Casuarina Campus
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