2010 Grants for Engineering Health Science and Environment (EHSE)


Research Funding Commenced in 2010

Where there is more than one Cash Contributor to the research project, these are listed in the Cash Contributor Column.

Where the project is administered by another University, only the “Cash to CDU” is stated.

Investigators (all)Primary Funds ProviderARC Linkage PartnersTitleStart dateEnd dateCash ContributorsAmount awarded (Cash)
De Boer Friso NT Dept of the Chief Minister.Creation of a Centre for Renewable Energy at CDU - NTG Project 1.101/01/201031/12/2014NT DCM$1,125,000
Fellows MichaelAustralian Research Council DP1097129.Multivariate Algorithmics: meeting the challenge of Real World computational complexity1/01/201031/12/2014.$504,000
Mitroy JamesAustralian Research Council DP1092620.Long range interactions of atoms1/01/201031/12/2012.$254,000
Valentine Eric - Miloshis MichaelRamingining Homelands Resource Centre Aboriginal Corporation.EIT005kp - Arafura Swamp Salt Water Intrusion Project21/06/20109/11/2010Ramingining Homelands$34,000
Territory Natural Resource Management Inc$30,000
Valentine Eric - Miloshis MichaelNT Dept of Natural Resources  Environment  the Arts and Sport.Desktop study to review the Mary River salt water intrusion project1/07/201020/01/2011.$199,980
Investigators (all)Primary Funds ProviderARC Linkage PartnersTitleStart dateEnd dateCash ContributorsAmount awarded (Cash)
Bellairs SeanXstrata Zinc - McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd .Enhanced native vegetation community development on the Bing Bong dredge spoil - March 20101/07/201031/12/2014.$170,498
Boggs GuyWA Department of Water.West Kimberley wetland mapping project30/06/201030/11/2010.$10,724
Christian Keith - Peng RenkangTimor Leste - Ministry Of Agriculture and Fisheries.Improvement of cashew crop in East Timor1/01/201031/12/2014.$1,554,332
Guinea MichaelSinclair Knight Merz.EHS129 Scott Reef Long Term Marine Turtle Management programme1/01/201031/12/2010.$66,430
Hutley Lindsay - Boggs Guy - Beringer Jason - Livesley Stephen - Arndt StefanAustralian Research Council LP100100073Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency; Monash University; NT Department of Resources; NT Dept of Business and Employment; University of Melbourne; Impacts of deforestation and afforestation on greenhouse gas emissions  and carbon and water resources in the Daly River catchment  north Australia1/01/201031/12/2012ARC$308,000
NT DBE$45,000
NT DOR$15,000
Maier StefanCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.TERN AusCover Facility1/05/20101/07/2012.$239,841

Investigators (all)Primary Funds ProviderARC Linkage PartnersTitleStart dateEnd dateCash ContributorsAmount awarded (Cash)
Brown Peter - Gilchrist Rhonda - Cruickshank Mary - Fisk MargaretNorthern Territory Research and Innovation Board.The experiences of family carers who are providing care at home for children with a disability in the NT1/08/20101/08/2011.$6,057

Administered by University of Western Sydney

Investigators (all)Primary Funds ProviderARC Linkage PartnersTitleStart dateEnd dateCash ContributorsAmount awarded (Cash)
Schmied Virginia - Kruske Sue -  Homer Caroline - Barclay Lesley - Wilson Ian - Fowler Cathrine - Kemp Lynn - Fasher Allan - Goldfeld Sharon - Vernon Barbara - Randles CeciliaAustralian Research Council LP100100693Australian Association of Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses; Australian College of Midwives; Australian General Practice Network; Australian Practice Nurses Association; Michael Fasher; NT Department of Health and Families; NSW Department of Community Services; Qld Department of Health; Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development; WA Department of HealthA study investigating the feasability of implementing a national approach to child and family health services28/05/201028/05/2013Cash to CDU$0

Administered by Charles Darwin University

Investigators (all)Primary Funds ProviderARC Linkage PartnersTitleStart dateEnd dateCash ContributorsAmount awarded (Cash)
Ainsworth GillianBirds Australia.Gill Ainsworth PhD research support8/06/20108/12/2010.$5,000
Campbell Andrew Charles Darwin University & Australian Institute of Marine Science.Marine Alliance Research Collaboration AIMS-CDU-ANU-NTG1/07/201030/06/2015CDU$1,750,000
Crowley GabrielTerritory Natural Resource Management Inc.NT NRM Info Access1/01/201030/06/2010.$542,540
Douglas MichaelNatural Resource Management Board (NT).Inland Waters Asset Update for NT INRM Plan1/05/201031/05/2010.$8,000
Douglas MichaelDepartment of the Environment  Water  Heritage and the Arts.TRaCK Transition Phase and Stage 2 Project1/07/201015/01/2011DEWHA$4,219,867
Greiner Romy - Puig CarlosNT Dept of the Chief Minister.Desktop Assessment of Energy Generation and Consumption in the Northern Territory for the Green Energy Taskforce1/01/201028/02/2010.$27,273
Greiner Romy - De Boer Friso - Williams KevinNT Dept of the Chief Minister.Desktop assessment of renewable energy resources in the Northern Territory to inform the Green Energy Taskforce1/03/201030/04/2010.$30,550
Greiner RomyDjunbunji Ltd.Dandigalbay Yidinji Social Wellbeing: Closing the Gap1/05/201030/06/2010.$18,973
Greiner RomyNatural Resource Management Board (NT).Assessment of fit of the INRM Plan for the NT with relevant legislative  policy and planning frameworks1/05/201030/06/2010.$30,000
Greiner Romy - Bowen LukeNorthern Territory Research and Innovation Board.Potential for NT Pastoralists to Engage in Ecosystem Service Markets1/07/201030/06/2013.$24,000
Greiner RomyGriffith University.Northern Australia Aquatic Ecological Assets project1/08/201030/11/2010.$18,600
Jacklyn PeterMeat and Livestock Australia.Improved fire scar mapping for Queensland via the NAFI web site12/04/201031/03/2011MLA$51,000
Jacklyn Peter - Russell-Smith Jeremy - Sutton StephenBushfires Council NT.North Australian Fire Information (NAFI)1/01/201030/04/2010.$400,000
Stacey NatashaUnited Nations Office for Project Services.ATSEF-CDU Consultancy - Natasha Stacey1/06/201030/09/2011UN$10,000
Australian Fisheries Management Authority$2,727
Stacey NatashaDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade.Cooperative Management of Langkawi GeoPark1/08/201031/12/2011.$14,860
Stanley Owen - Hunter-Xenie HmalanNT Department of Resources.Review of BCA Report 'A Keep River Irrigation Water Scheme or a Katherine Groundwater Project'27/09/201025/10/2010.$16,364

Administered by James Cook University

Investigators (all)Primary Funds ProviderARC Linkage PartnersTitleStart dateEnd dateCash ContributorsAmount awarded (Cash)
Johnson Christopher - Legge Sarah - Lawes Michael - Woinarski John - Gordon Iain - Radford IanAustralian Research Council LP100100033Australian Wildlife Conservancy; NT Department of Natural Resources Environment, the Arts and Sport; QLD Department of Environment and Resource Management; Western Australia Department of Environment and ConservationMammal declines in northern Australia: science for conservation and recovery20/07/201020/07/2013Cash to CDU$132,087

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