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Determining unit fees

Unit fees are based on the Field of Education (FOE) code that is assigned to a unit; this is done by Charles Darwin University.  FOE codes also belong to one of four fee bands which are assigned by the Federal Government every year.

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Unit field of Education10 cp20 cp40 cp80 cp
1Behavioural science, social studies, clinical psychology, foreign languages, visual & performing arts, education, humanities, nursing$821$1,642$3,283$6,566
2Agriculture, allied health, computing, built environment, other health, engineering, surveying, mathematics, statistics, science$1,170$2,340$4,680$9,359
3Accounting, administration, economics, commerce, law, medicine$1,370$2,740$5,479$10,958
NPPre-2010 education and nursing$657$1,314$2,627$5,254

cp = credit points

NP national priority

HECS-HELP is a loan for eligible Commonwealth Supported students. In order to receive the loan a student must complete a HECS-HELP assistance form by census date.

To be eligible for a HECS-HELP loan you need to be:

  • a commonwealth supported student; and
  • an Australian citizen or holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa.

From 1 January 2017, the Australian Government will remove the upfront HECS-HELP discount of 10 per cent for eligible students that pay their student contributions upfront and the voluntary HELP repayment bonus of five per cent.

If you are eligible for HECS-HELP you will be prompted to complete the form when enrolling via My Student Info. For further information please read the HECS-HELP information booklet.

If you are a New Zealand citizen who is on a SCV and:

  • First entered Australia as a dependent child aged under 18 years of age;
  • Have been ordinarily resident in Australia for the previous 10 years (that is, you have physically been present in Australia for at least eight out of the past  10 years) and 18 months out of the last two years by the time of the application for the loan; and
  • are otherwise eligible for the loan.

 You will need to submit an ‘Addendum for eligible New Zealand Special Category Visa holder to request Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP form (1290A) – 1300A’. This can be requested through the HE Team. You must be residing within Australia whilst undertaking your studies and will be required to provide evidence that you have been living in Australia for the qualifying period mentioned above. If necessary, you can obtain copies of your international movement records from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection by lodging form 1359 (available at

If you hold a New Zealand SCV but then apply for, and are granted, a permanent residency visa, your HELP eligibility would change to that of a permanent visa holder (non-humanitarian subclass).

Permanent visa holders (non-humanitarian subclass) are eligible for Commonwealth supported places but they are not eligible to access a HELP loan for tertiary study.

HELP videos

The Australian Government has developed the below five videos about HELP (Higher Education Loan Program). Learn about the Government assistance available for eligible students to finance their tertiary study.

Savvy student – know your census date

Savvy student – know your census date transcript (DOCX 17KB)

Meredith - CSP/HECS-HELP

Meredith - CSP/HECS-HELP transcript (DOCX 36KB)

Toby - OS-HELP

Toby - OS-HELP transcript (DOCX 37KB)

Tina - Mature age

Tina - Mature age transcript (DOCX 36KB)

eCAF Financial Literacy Video